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ATauranga’s new communications industry helps businesses grow and develop a knowledge and understanding of the Māori worldview in an integrated and empowering way.

Whare PR was one of the first Māori media outlets to explode in New Zealand. Within a few short years, the industry is seeing social and financial consequences for businesses that invest in cultural expertise.

Bridgette Tapsell, founder and CEO, founded the PR House to create a unique capacity to support Māori speakers and help fill a vacancy for New Zealand businesses. Through her renowned sister business, Village PR, Bridgette has helped Māori and non -Māori organizations build capacity and tell their stories for over two years.

Since opening its virtual doors, the company has gained unrestricted access to its wide range of services, which has rapidly increased the organization and communication resources provided. Weaving critical communication skills with senior Māori Leaders, the diverse team at Whare PR serves more than 25 Iwi and Māori organizations and a wide range of businesses.

Bridgette said that with so much demand from undisclosed organizations, the industry has seen more and more reach to Māori and non -Māori business lands.

“In New Zealand and around the world, we see equitable work as a career. The combination of the rapid growth of the Māori economy and the challenges facing companies unwilling to communicate effectively with their Māori employees, customers and stakeholders contributed to the PR house in an independent manner.

“By combining passion with a desire to share values ​​and cultural knowledge, we help to integrate both aspects of corporate business and Māori culture. As a result, we see the real value and impact of businesses incorporating Māori knowledge, benefiting its people and the grassroots. Cultural proficiency also provides continued income and increased employment opportunities.

One of the unique services provided by the company is a series of online programs developed to give companies a better and easier way to increase staffing in the Māori world (Māori worldview). ), methods (Māori protocols) and the Treaty of Waitangi. (The Treaty of Waitangi). Whare PR has developed courses that are suitable for a variety of organizations and encourage employees and staff to work with confidence in the Māori business environment.

Research shows that the growing power of the Māori business community and the growing potential of Māori as an economic sector is capturing the imagination of every segment of the Māori business community. New Zealand. In addition, executives realize that public relations and sales are not as important as the turmoil caused by global warming.

According to Bridgette, companies need to communicate carefully, thoughtfully and often with stakeholders, employees and customers to maintain the relationship and allay concerns while rebuilding. measuring many pieces. “House PR and Village PR provide communication services to meet a wide range of business needs, from data and social planning, brand development, marketing campaigns, marketing planning and organization. , as well as translation services for crisis communications and lobbying support. “

“If your industry wants independent storytelling and support led by a positive spirit, then we want to be with you.”

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PR Building – Bay of Plenty Business News

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