Positive impact of advice on insurance reviews

She said this was an important discovery for the group and has focused on the value of advice as one of its key pillars since its inception.

“At last year’s annual meeting, we published our first research report, Trust in Advice. We did more research this year, but this time we investigated the positive behavior of the New Zealanders who were advised, “Brown said.

“Surveys have shown that thanks to quality advice, Kiwi is much more likely to do what we expect and do what we want. We review our insurance products at major life events, make heavy payments to Kiwi Saver, make mortgage decisions wisely, and as a result feel financially safer than our unadvised peers. “

“In all the advice streams, we see a much higher percentage of positive behavior from the advised kiwis compared to the unadvised kiwis,” she explained. “We wanted to share this high-level survey with our members.”

According to the survey, 86% of New Zealanders with advisors regularly review their consumption habits, compared to 69% of those who do not. 70% do regular reviews of Kiwi Saver. 49% without an advisor.

Mr Brown said that future financial advice New Zealand’s key priority is to promote the value of financial advice to New Zealanders and help members raise their profile with the general public. She emphasizes that members have a considerable level of opinion on the activities of the group, and feedback on how to better promote their interests is always welcome.

“The Board meets twice a year for half-day meetings to facilitate strategic sessions, which allows us to focus on our goals and readjust our priorities as needed,” Brown said. ..

“The pillars of advocacy, promotion and standards support our overall vision that all financial advisors are proud members of our professional body, which supports other aspects of our objectives. -Help New Zealanders achieve their choices in their financial problems. To achieve financial security. “

“One of the things we keep as a guide is to understand how happy our members are with our performance,” she explained.

“We are delighted to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback through our April membership survey. Eighty-three percent of respondents believe that New Zealand’s financial advice is heading in the right direction. This gives us the confidence that our members appreciate what we are doing, and they give us many ideas about where we can focus next. Gave me.

Looking to the future, Mr Brown said he hopes New Zealand’s financial advice will continue to grow, as increasing membership inevitably means attracting attention in all areas of the industry.

“Financial Advice In the three years since New Zealand was launched, we have grown into a powerful professional institution with a solid understanding of who we are and what we represent,” she said. Said. “In 2022, we will welcome FAP as a member and support the growth of general members by focusing on visibility through promotion.

“Member growth supports the strength of advocacy and the ability to further support all members. The member base has incredible knowledge, and in 2022, the Member Advisory Board, Corporate Associates. We plan to strengthen our network through forums and regional leadership teams. Members’ views ensure that we understand their key issues and focus on what is most important to them. increase.”

Positive impact of advice on insurance reviews

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