Portland police deadly shoot a man in a city park | Portland

Police PortlandOregon shot a man deadly in a city park on Friday morning after responding to reports of a person with a gun, officials said.

Police confronted the man at Lenz Park in the southeastern part of the city, and at least one police officer fired and killed the man, Oregonian / Oregon Live reported.

The man killed has not been identified.

A city spokesman said Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, his chief of staff, Bobby Lee, public security adviser Robert King, and assistant police chief Chris Davis are all heading to the shooting scene. It was.

Protesters also began arriving at the scene within two hours of the shooting and were detained behind a yellow police tape. This group included the mother of a black man who was shot deadly by police in 2018.

Todd Littlefield, who lives nearby, told the newspaper that he went to the park after hearing the gunshots.

“When I got into the truck, I heard a loud noise,” he said.

He said Littlefield drove to the park, saw trees and several policemen standing behind the car, and ordered the man to show his hand.

Juan Chavez, a clerk at a nearby AM / PM gas station, said he saw a man standing in the middle of the intersection taking off his shirt and blocking traffic. He appeared unstable and confused, Chavez told the newspaper.

Then the man entered the park before police appeared and Chavez said he had heard two bullets.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, the area where the shooting occurred is within the operational scope of a new pilot project called Portland Street Response. The project works with non-police teams to call homeless people and people in mental health crisis.

Portland police deadly shoot a man in a city park | Portland

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