Pope Francis’ Message of Hope Comes from Space

A hopeful and powerful message from Pope Francis in the midst of a pandemic is sent from space thanks to a satellite launched from the Vandenberg Cosmodrome in California.

The Pope’s message, delivered from the desolate St. Peter’s Square in March 2020, emphasizes the need for unity and resilience in the face of adversity.

Now, with excerpts of the Pope’s moving words, radio enthusiasts around the world will be able to listen and experience the Pope’s message firsthand.

Pope Francis acknowledged the vulnerabilities exposed by the pandemic and encouraged people of good will to use this trying time as an opportunity for reflection and growth.

Pope’s speeches, known as the Urbi e Orbi Blessing, are usually reserved for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and papal elections, and draw large crowds.

However, due to circumstances, Pope Francis made this blessing in an empty square where only the sound of powerful words could be heard.

Francis said, “May God’s blessings descend upon you in a comforting embrace from this colonnade that envelops Rome and the whole world,” and “give health to our bodies and comfort to our hearts.” Please,” I prayed to God.

Pope calls on believers to seek courage

Even as darkness engulfs their lives and fills them with silence and anxiety, Pope Francis called on people to find courage and make room for the transformative power of faith and hope.

“Embracing one’s cross means finding the courage to accept all the difficulties of the present, and temporarily abandoning aspirations for power and possessions to make room for creativity that only the Spirit can conjure. It means renouncing and embracing the Lord in order.” Having hope is the strength of faith that frees us from fear and gives us hope. ”

Spey Sateles, meaning “Guardian of Hope,” is the name of a space mission promoted by the Vatican’s Office of Communications and Diplomacy.

“Pope Francis’ message in space is a sign and image of kindness and blessing to the world,” said Ms. Lucio Adrián Ruiz, head of the Ministry of Communications and Diplomacy and founder of the Spei Salletes project.

According to the official Spey Satelles website, the message is “a powerful, evocative, universal and attractive gesture that arouses hope in humanity, whether concrete, material or spiritual, as the Pope has done.” I appeal to the need to nurture that hope through gestures.” In that empty square. ”

Radio enthusiasts around the world can capture these transmissions through a very high frequency UHF communication system operating at a frequency of 437.5 MHz.

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