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Police improve response to hate crimes

Attribution to Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Iwi and Community Wallace Howhama

Police today released a report on hate crime response improvements, a summary of the views, feelings and ideas expressed by the Aotearoa community and people on hate crimes and hate crimes.

The report outlines a variety of community-identified opportunities to improve response to these incidents.

Following a terrorist attack on Christchurch’s Masjidyne, police invited members of our community to discuss hate crimes. This gives us a better understanding of its impact on Aotearoa.

Our approach, as an organization, is an open discussion to help police better understand what participants think, see and feel, and allow them to share their experiences with us. Was to encourage.

Over 350 people of different cultures, beliefs, sexual orientations, genders, abilities and ages shared their hate crime experiences with us.

From this, we have identified some opportunities and improvements for police and other agencies.

It is a four-year partner program, TeRaranga, which improves internal systems, practices and processes, provides staff with skills to identify hate crimes and make it easier for victims to recognize and report hate crimes. Includes the establishment of. Established advisory groups for multiple agencies to inform the work of Te Laranga and strengthen the work of the entire agency.

Another important work underway within the police is the Reframe – Te Tarai Hou strategy. This is a complementary program to Te Raranga, improving the decision-making and intervention of front-line staff to reduce harm and recidivism.

Police also made a number of improvements, including changes to the way hate crimes are recorded and the first round of staff training to better identify incidents as hate crimes.

Police are focusing on the system improvements they are currently making and are identifying changes that may have the greatest impact and actual improvement on hate crime victims.

The violence and threatening behavior caused by hatred is unacceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone.

We are committed to identifying and addressing incidents motivated by hostility or prejudice regarding race, belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or age that may harm the victim. It is working.

If you suspect you are a victim of a hate crime, please contact 105 or 111 if you are in imminent danger or if you are committing a crime.

The general public with feedback on the report is advised to contact the police.

The report and our action plan are here: ..

Media Note: Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Haumaha is available for interviews from 2 pm to 3 pm.Please email Request time.


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Police improve response to hate crimes

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