Playing for fun may reduce injuries to young athletes

Tuesday, January 22 (HealthDay News)-Young athletes who focus on just one sport are more likely to get injured than children who spend more time playing unorganized sports and games. I know from a new study.

Researchers have found that injured young single-sport athletes spend far less time in free play and unorganized sports than uninjured athletes.

Dr. Neeru Jayanthi, a sports medicine specialist at Loyola University Health Systems in Maywood, Illinois, said: Loyola news release.

The study included more than 600 young athletes who were treated for injuries and just under 300 uninjured young athletes who had undergone a sports health examination. The researchers focused on 124 tennis players, including 74 who did not play other sports.

Among the single-sport tennis players, the injured player played organized tennis about 13 hours a week, and over two hours a week for free play and recreation. Uninjured tennis players played organized tennis about 10 hours a week and spent about 4 hours a week free play and recreation.

Injured tennis players spent more than five times more time on organized tennis than free play, compared to 2.6 times more than uninjured players.

Studies show that intact athletes who played all sports played organized sports for only twice as much time as free recreational play.

The study was recently presented at a conference in Atlanta hosted by the Tennis Medical Science Association and the United States Tennis Association. The data and conclusions presented at the medical conference are usually considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

–Robert Preidt

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Source: Loyola University Health System, News Release, January 11, 2013

Playing for fun may reduce injuries to young athletes

Source link Playing for fun may reduce injuries to young athletes

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