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METROPOLITAN Auckland will be a fixture for Toyota’s hydrogen car, the Mirai, for an undisclosed period of time, with the announcement that a trial has finally begun over a year ago.

Eight companies – The Warehouse, Air New Zealand, Saatchi and Saatchi, TVNZ, Beca, Westpac NZ, Spark and Z Energy – will take turns operating the five-seater fuel cell.

Fuel cell vehicles are the next step after grid-powered electric vehicles and are gaining national interest, and Toyota New Zealand believes there is a bright future for hydrogen here for a wide range of applications.

However, with the automotive sector, the technology has been vexed. Only Toyota and Hyundai have delivered it to New Zealand, the latter in a heavy truck that is also being tested as well as a car, and other major makers have recently curtailed their own development.

Fuel cell vehicles have the advantage of having a superior range than EVs can often offer and are also attractive when refueling as the hydrogen tank takes approximately the same time to refill a conventional fossil fuel vehicle. to fill.

However, they are more expensive than similarly sized EVs, which themselves are often criticized for being too expensive for general use. While it doesn’t look expensive in looks or equipment, Mirai is said to be the most expensive car Toyota has ever made.

Another challenge for use is that there is no national refueling infrastructure.

Auckland was chosen for Toyota’s ‘Hydrogen Project’ because it is the most practical location. Mirai is well suited for city driving and most importantly Ports of Auckland is to provide the hydrogen.

Mirai has been involved in extensive demonstration programs around the world. Long-term stakeholders can lease the model in most countries and this is seen as potential by Palmerston North-based TNZ. Cost hasn’t been discussed, but as a barometer in Australia a 36-month, 60,000-mile deal, including fuel, comes down to $NZ67,490.

Pilot Mirai starts with companies — Motoringnz

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