Piers Morgan embraces Kate Garraway reunites with former GMB co-host

Piers Morgan left GMB in March and Kate Gallaway said their friendship would continue (Photo: PA / ITV).

Piers Morgan Reunited with his former Good Morning Britain co-host Kate Gallaway For the first time since his dramatic exit.

In him Random feud with Nicki Minaj, The presenter attended the Who Cares Wins Awards and saw a very familiar face.

Sharing his own snap while he hugged Kate, the 56-year-old said:’Reunited!

“We met each other for the first time since we left @ gmb # whocareswins.”

Pier Quit GMB in March After being accused of his comments about not believing in her Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s bomb interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He clashed with Alex Beresford before hitting Offset, and his comments caused 41,000 Ofcom complaints in 24 hours.

Ofcom later announced that, as a result of the investigation, Piers did not violate the broadcast code.

At the time, 54-year-old Kate claimed her The friendship with her former co-star will continue.

Former I’m a celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here The star explains: ..

“He decides to quit and, as he says, falls into the sword of freedom of speech, but as you say right, long before he started working on this show, I knew him and I Our friendship will continue, our personal friendship.

The pier left GMB in March (Photo: ITV / REX / Shutterstock)

“He personally supported me very much. It’s another show, but the show continues.”

Meanwhile, Pierce is teasing his return to television, claiming he has a large “global” project on the horizon.

“I posted the post on social media and asked if I could get my job back to prove the point,” he jokingly asked ITV to get his job back. “Without a public apology, I wouldn’t come back and I wouldn’t get it.

“Bigger things will happen. The future is exciting. The next project is global and big.”

He added to the Daily Mail:

Pierce keeps a tough tone about what a “global” project is, but he hints that he can resume his television career in the United States or elsewhere abroad.

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Piers Morgan embraces Kate Garraway reunites with former GMB co-host

Source link Piers Morgan embraces Kate Garraway reunites with former GMB co-host

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