Physical therapy repels sports injuries

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Sunday, January 6, 2019 (HealthDay News)-Physical therapy helps people recover from sports injuries, but it also helps prevent them, experts say.

According to Penn State Health physiotherapist Dean Plavkan, this approach is called proactive physiotherapy and can help correct the imbalance between amateurs and professional athletes, increasing the risk of injury. there is.

“Consider hiring a physiotherapist or athletic trainer to look for weaknesses or imbalances in some parts of the body that can affect other areas,” Plafcan said in a university news release. It was.

“Identifying problem areas and targeting and training can reduce the risk of pain and injury and improve athletic performance,” he added.

Mr. Plavkan pointed out that many amateur golfers are dissatisfied with back pain. If you spend a lot of time sitting, your hip flexors, or anterior hip muscles, will become shorter. This causes the hips to do more work during the golf swing, causing pain.

“Aggressive physiotherapy can diagnose this imbalance and improve hip mobility,” Plafcan said. “As a result, the risk of back pain is reduced, the downswing on the golf course is stronger, and the number of yards is increased.”

He also said that unilateral use of the body in many sports leads to physical imbalance.

“A baseball player, tennis player, or golfer always works one side of the body more than the other, depending on whether the athlete is right-handed or left-handed,” said Prafkan.

“Yes, these athletes need a lot of power on the dominant side to be good at sports, but weaknesses on the other side of the body can lead to overcompensation and injury,” he said. explained. “By targeting exercise and increasing the symmetry of intensity and flexibility, athletes can improve their overall performance.”

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Source: Penn State Health, News Release, November 2018

Physical therapy repels sports injuries

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