Pet relocation demand surges 50% after pandemic

New data from AltoVita show that the demand for pet relocation has increased by 50% since the pandemic.

50% increase in travel with pets

Reservation data from AltoVita, Cloud based A global accommodation platform that offers private and serviced apartments, villas and homes around the world has revealed a 50% increase in pet travel since the pandemic. Many have acquired furry friends to associate with their pets during the blockade.

Animal type

In addition, 65% of pet travelers have revealed that they choose accommodation based on their suitability. Their pet And that would be their number one priority in the future. The data also revealed that many people have recently tried to move not only cats and dogs, but also fish, ferrets and birds using the AltoVita portal.

Of the immigrated dogs, 13% were Labradors, 9% were Poodles and 9% were French Bulldogs. The largest dog is an 80kg Golden Retriever and the smallest is a 2kg Chihuahua, who recently moved to Stockholm.

The AltoVita platform provides duty-of-care compliant housing. This allows employees and relocation companies to procure furnished accommodation that has been scrutinized and validated. As a result of the findings, AltoVita has created a new modular feature filter on the platform to simplify the search process for people who want to travel with their pets.

Pet-friendly housing

The need for pet-friendly housing was also strengthened at Alto Vita’s Corporate Housing Innovation Summit. This is the first event of its kind to bring together more than 400 people from around the world in the 21st century to guarantee the future of the corporate housing sector. .. As a result of the summit, AltoVita has developed five new product features that will help the industry, including this tool for traveling with pets.

Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, CEO and co-founder of Alto Vita, commented: As more and more pet owners grow, it becomes important to overcome the pandemic and incorporate pets into their lifestyle. AltoVita’s approach is to allow everyone to adapt seamlessly to post-pandemic changes. Therefore, we have changed to a platform that is more suitable for people who are going to move with their pets in the future. “

Supported by a 24/7 guest experience team, the AltoVita platform not only provides accommodation to meet your specific needs, but also saves money and enhances your client experience with a wide range of options across over 800 cities. Is designed to be.

Himmel added: “Pets are a family member for many. Just as Alto Vita helps travelers find accommodation with childcare facilities, we make it easier for people to tow their pets to travel. We are also taking great steps to do this. Our research marks the beginning of a pet jet setting revolution. “

Pet relocation demand surges 50% after pandemic

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