Paul Ritter dies: Simon Bird pays homage to dad on screen

Simon Bird pays homage to Paul Ritter following his death this week (Photo: Channel 4 / Mark Johnson)

Paul Ritter’s Friday Night Dinner co-star, Simon Bird, pays homage to his on-screen father. After the death of the actor From a 54-year-old brain tumor.

Actor officials confirmed that Ritter died “peacefully at home” on Monday night. Compliments coming for the legend of acting Recently, he is known for his work as a Martin Goodman in Channel 4 comedy.

Simon, the Inbit Weeners star who plays Adam Goodman in the series with Ritter, hasn’t appeared on social media, but his co-star and on-screen brother Tom Rosenthal has been from the actor Thursday morning. I shared a series of tweets.

Tom (playing Johnny Goodman), who wrote that Simon wanted to convey a message about Ritter, shared on his behalf:’I don’t even touch acting. Needless to say. He was the best in business.

“What is not well known is that he was also the ideal of Plato, a fellow dressing room. Definitely generous (praise, snacks, guardian sports section). Endlessly thoughtful (actor than chair on that day). He would set up a store on the floor if he knew the numbers would increase). And undeniably cool (calmly gathered in his flat caps, but absolute if there was a game off the coast Coiled spring).

Simon’s message continued:’He was a very peaceful person, but he was thrilled with intelligence, and-don’t beat around the bushes-cheerful, discreet and filthy when in the mood. Broadside is fully possible.

“I always want to be like Paul. I think it will be 10 years after someone impersonates your dad.

“It’s incredibly lucky to spend a lot of time in that green room, hoping his real Bambino knows how much his fake Bambino loved and respected him. I am. “

Ritter’s death was confirmed on Monday (Photo: Getty Images Europe)

Tom praised the news when it was reported, as he had previously mentioned Ritter’s family, his wife Polly, and his sons Frank and Noah.

He added on Twitter:

“He was the most destructive, intelligent and conscientious person with unparalleled crossword insight and incredible memory.

“When he met you, I swear, he knew your name for the rest of my life. Fortunately for us, he told Martin Goodman everything he needed to make us laugh. I turned my heart to bring it to life.

“Everyone who sees Friday Night Dinner knows how much we’ve gone through him, and I’ve never heard him complain. Very supportive and acting I am forever grateful for working with someone who has taught me a lot about professionalism and humility.

“It was a complete joy of honor.”

Ritter played Martin at Friday Night Dinner with Tamsin Greig. (Photo: Channel 4)

Friday Night Dinner first aired in 2011, and last year the sixth series aired. To commemorate the comedy’s 10th anniversary, Ritter filmed a retrospective exhibition scheduled to air on Channel 4 later this year.

During his television career, Ritter starred in Henry IV, Part II, and the BBC drama “Game” as part of Sam Mendes’ Hollow Crown series, including No Offense, Chernobyl, Christine Keeler’s Trial, Plebeians, and Cold Feet. Broadcasted the program. And Bella.

On the big screen, Ritter appeared as Eldred Warple in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 2009. This is the wizard introduced to Harry at Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party.

Statement shared with Metro.co.uk I read on Monday:’It’s very sad to be able to confirm that Paul Ritter died last night. He died peacefully at home with his wife Polly and sons Frank and Noah. He was 54 years old and was suffering from a brain tumor.

“Paul was a very talented actor, played a great variety of roles on stage and on screen, and had extraordinary skills.

“He was very smart, kind and very entertaining. We will miss him a lot.”

Paul Ritter dies: Simon Bird pays homage to dad on screen

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