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Unprecedented stressed by Covid-19 pandemics, entrepreneurs and artists Paul Langiwahia Has developed “Spring Cleaning”. This is a mental health resource designed to help people manage their well-being and well-being. Lenny Murphy explains.

In 2014, Paul Langiwahia went bankrupt both financially and mentally. Fast-forwarding for seven years, he has built a sustainable and profitable business as an artist, speaker, coach and advocate of happiness. Paul’s well-being print retail sales have recently reached $ 500,000, and the Paul Langiwahia brand proves that adversity can lead to great business ideas.

Paul Langiwahia

Te Howora WOF print by Paul Langiwahia.

Talking about his challenges is key to both his mental health recovery and business success. Now he encourages others to talk about their own challenges to take care of their well-being.

“One of the big challenges we face with New Zealand’s mental and emotional health is that we’re not good at talking about our feelings,” says Paul. Things are going on more or less, so the important thing to note is that you are normal, not alone. “

Motivated by his vision of making the Taranaki region “the capital of happiness in New Zealand,” he is developing new resources with current artwork, journals and educational guides to get people to talk. increase. Spring Cleaning is a simple, interactive tool that Paul can use to do what he calls “stock take of your mind” and start a conversation about your mental health.

“For those who have had a hard time opening before, it really helps,” says Paul. “Resources can tell a lot without someone having to say a word, which is a great opportunity.”

He says it’s not possible to share prototype images in this early stage, but the concept is simple.

Users complete card-based activities that help identify the factors that are causing mental stress. These include alcohol, broken relationships, money problems, and lack of social ties.

“It’s not about having the answer to many things that are happening in people’s lives. The important thing is to get rid of it,” Paul explains.

Paul Langiwahia

Wellbeing Journal – A guide to great things by Paul Langiwahia.

He says that once we become aware, we can overcome our challenges and plan to discuss how we feel with support personnel such as counselors, friends and family.

There are many digital well-being apps available, but Paul believes that keeping people away from the phone is the key to improving well-being. That’s why spring cleaning is a concrete resource.

He came up with the first concept five years ago, but only during the final blockade was it improved enough to bring it into production.

Paul has partnered with the Ministry of Social Development, schools and businesses to pilot resources distributed to approximately 100 groups. They provide feedback so you can fine-tune your resources before they hit the market.

He thinks globally while acting locally. This resource will initially be released in English and Te Reo Māori, but Paul explains that it can be easily translated into other languages ​​and modified for any culture.

He is keen to get it into the hands of as many people as possible and can see it being used by people at home, at work, and at school. The ultimate goal is to sell millions of units worldwide.

“It will probably require some funding,” says Paul, “I hope I can get into some sort of dialogue with outside parties on how to make this successful. “

The plan is to bring the product to market through his website in early 2022. A portion of each sale goes to support mental health projects.

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Paul Rangiwahia’s Vision for Happiness – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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