Parents’ input keys when screening for autistic infants

Monday, May 17, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Early screening autism It can speed up diagnosis and treatment, and new studies now show that pediatricians are more likely to act when parents express concern.

Only 39% of infants who failed screening, according to the pediatricians surveyed in the survey autism The signs were then referred to an additional expert evaluation.

“The lack of referral follow-through was due to the pediatrician’s belief that the screening results were incorrect,” said Karen Pierce, a senior researcher at the University of California, San Diego’s Department of Neuroscience.

However, “if parents said they were concerned, referral rates rose to 70%,” Pierce said in a college news release.

“If you are a parent and you are a little worried about how your child is growing, you have to speak up. Don’t wait. Your voice is weighted. I have, “she advised.

In this study, her team used a network of 203 pediatricians who screened more than 59,400 infants on 12-month, 18-month, and 24-month tests.

Parents also completed a questionnaire about their children’s eye contact, language, gestures, and other forms of communication.

The pediatrician was asked to indicate if he was referring the infant for further evaluation, and if not, why.

A total of nearly 900 children failed the screening and received further evaluation.More than 400 were diagnosed among these children autism, The author of the study said.

Approximately 60% of those children were evaluated on a 12-month infant visit and received a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment referral by 15 months.

“There is widespread evidence that early treatment can have a positive effect on the developing brain,” said Pierce. “Opportunity to diagnose and start treatment autism Around the child’s first birthday, there is great potential to change the outcome of children with disabilities. These toddlers … started treatment about three years earlier than the national average of 52 months. “

The report was recently published Journal Pediatrics..

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Source: University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, News Release, May 10, 2021

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Autism is a developmental disorder.
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Parents’ input keys when screening for autistic infants

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