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Pandemic sees a decline in new citizens

People who apply for citizenship call the application process “chamble” because of its slow processing speed.

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The Home Office accuses Covid-19 of causing the backlog.

told a man who complained about the slow pace of the application filed in November.

Last week he was told it wasn’t assigned to staff yet, and it would take another 5-6 months before this happened.

The Interior Ministry told men that Covid-19’s alert level had affected the citizenship team. They have been handling applications since July last year.

The man said the process was “confusion” and that Covid-19 thought it was just an “excuse.”

This is all during the decline last year in the number of new New Zealand citizens who are attributed to the pandemic.

In 2020, New Zealand will welcome about 31,870 citizens, down about 30% from 44,413 in 2019.

The Interior Ministry’s Te Tari Taiwhenua does not collect data on why people apply for citizenship.

However, we believe this decline is due to the global Covid-19 turmoil and we expect this trend to continue this year.

According to the ministry, you can become a citizen in a variety of ways, including “descendants” if you have parents born in New Zealand, or “subsidies” if you move to New Zealand and apply for citizenship.

With numbers

  • Total number of new citizens from descendants or grants in 2020: 31,870 (2019: 44,413)
  • By the descent in 2020: 11,436 (2019: 13,383)
  • According to the 2020 grant: 20,434 (2019: 31,030)

Top 10 countries for the birth of new citizens who have acquired citizenship through grants:

  • 1. United Kingdom-3521
  • 2. India-2970
  • 3. Philippines-1806
  • 4. South Africa-1580
  • 5. Samoa-1331
  • 6. Fiji-1039
  • 7. China-650
  • 8. United States-489
  • 9. Australia-473
  • 10. Pakistan-424

Top 10 Countries of Birth of New Citizens Acquired Citizenship by Descendants:

  • 1. Australia-5229
  • 2. United Kingdom-1678
  • 3. United States-1336
  • 4. Samoa-700
  • 5. China-369
  • 6. Canada-265
  • 7. Taiwan-153
  • 8. Germany-117
  • 9. Japan-107
  • 10. South Korea-98

Pandemic sees a decline in new citizens

SourcePandemic sees a decline in new citizens

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