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Pandemic has changed the ordination plan of the new priest

The new priest’s ordination plan violated COVID pandemic regulations and was last-minute reorganized.

While Father Brendan Bois, the FSSP (pictured) ordination to the priesthood took place in Auckland on July 3, many last-minute reorganizations were needed. The Sydney-based bishop, who was planning to ordination him, was unable to come to New Zealand.

Boyce performed a pastoral activity in Sydney during his time as a butler and returned to New Zealand on June 7, prior to the ordination.

Voice’s first ordination plan included an ordination by New Zealander Auxiliary Bishop Richard Umbers of Sydney.

The suspension of the travel bubble with Australia meant that this did not happen. Besides Amber’s, some priests who were planning to travel from Australia to attend a mass that could go to New Zealand.

Voice realized that the travel bubble could change abruptly, and Bishop Dennis Brown of Auckland said he was “very generous” by offering to celebrate the ordination Mass if Amber’s couldn’t attend. rice field.

At the event, Brown, who ordained Voice as a butler at St. Benedict’s Church in Newton last year, ordained him as a priest in the same church on the scheduled date.

One of the prayers that Brown read in the solemn Pope Mass (anomalous form in Latin) states:

“Let your teachings be the spiritual salvation of God’s people. Let your scent [life] Please please God’s Church so that you can build a house that is God’s family by both sermons and examples … “

At an early age, Boyce says he met priests like Father Frank Olegan, Father Trevor Murray, Father Joe Stack, and Ms. De McCarthy.

“I think I had a very positive impression of the priesthood from an early age,” says Boyce. His family also had a priestly connection, and his two cousins ​​were priests. His brother Gerald is a parish priest in Whakatane.

Boyce says it is important to grow up in a home where faith is clearly valued and practiced.

“Practice of faith has always existed. It was not just an alternative or something additional. It was always woven into the structure of family life.” There was a seed of vocation.

Before starting his seminary training, he embarked on an educational career and taught Latin at Auckland Glamor School for over a decade.

Boyce had never practiced faith in Auckland as usual (although he always recognized it as Catholic), but “slowly but surely, by the grace of God. I noticed this. [priesthood] It was something I had to pursue. “

“In the end, I managed to go to the Latin Mass … When the Mass that created the saints for hundreds of years and the people formed by it suddenly became foreign to me, something was inconsistent. .. I felt it wasn’t. “

Voice’s first post will be in Sydney.


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Pandemic has changed the ordination plan of the new priest

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