Paloma Faith comforts Jessie J and reminds her of her own miscarriage on the set

Paloma Faith was one of many words that empowered Jesse (Photo: Brian J Ritchie / Hot Sauce / Shutterstock)

Paloma Faith relieved Jessie J She later did the right thing by not canceling the gig Suffering from miscarriage..

Jesse, 33, announced on Wednesday that she was pregnant “on her own” before doctors discovered that she had no heartbeat.

Along with a picture of her doing a pregnancy test, the Pricetag singer wrote on Instagram: I am pregnant. “

“By yesterday afternoon, I was afraid of the idea of ​​going through the gig without breaking down … after going to the third scan and being told that I no longer have a heartbeat.”

When she broke the tragic news, Jesse informed fans that she would continue again. Her planned performance It was the first show in two years at a hotel cafe in Los Angeles.

She added: “I know that I want to sing tonight, not because I avoid sadness and the process, but because I know that singing tonight helps me. I have 2 in 2 years. We had two shows My soul needs it.. More today. “

Jessie J remained devastated after her foetation died (Photo: Jessie J / Instagram)

The flashlight hit maker is flooded with messages of love and support from her followers, including one from 40-year-old Paloma. Her own miscarriage Experience in comments.

Changing singer – who I have two young children With her partner Rayman Rasin – Written:’Jesse You’re doing 100% right. I had a miscarriage with the film set I was shooting and continued shooting.

“You get your joy from singing and you need your joy more than ever. You need I need a baby… Women are amazing! “

Fellow pop star Pixie Lott, 30, wrote:

Meanwhile, the TV host Laura Whitmore, 36, Comfort:’Oh, baby, I’m sorry. Send love. “

Jesse thanked 10.5 million followers for “the overflow of love in an overwhelming moment.” It “has been immeasurably felt, accepted and appreciated.”

She said the words of power from the fans “broke her out of bed this morning.”

Paloma is a mother of two (Photo: Instagram)

The singer-songwriter also claimed she was “strong” when she explained her decision to continue performing.

In her original post, she deserves to be “honest and true,” and continues to “do not hide what she feels, not only for the audience, but also for her and the” little baby who did her best. ” rice field.

“I know I’m talking about it on stage because it’s me. So instead of a tearful emotional speech trying to explain my energy, I feel this is safer “Masu,” she shared.

She also said she decided to do Get pregnant yourself It’s “everything she’s ever wanted” and “life is short”.

She described her pregnancy as a “miracle” and she “experienced again.”

“But I know I’m strong, and I know I’m okay. I also know that millions of women around the world feel this pain and get worse. I know. I feel the connection between those I know and those I don’t. It’s the most lonely feeling in the world, “she confessed.

Voice coaches were previously said to have a hard time getting a child pregnant. She announced the news at the Royal Albert Hall show in London in 2018.

She recently broke up with her boyfriend Max Fam Nguyen after a seven-month date, and last year with Channing Tatum after two years of romance.

Miscarriage helpline

For emotional support, you can contact the Miscarriage Association’s Miscarriage Loss Helpline at 01924 200799 or email us. info@miscarriageassociation.org.uk..

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Paloma Faith comforts Jessie J and reminds her of her own miscarriage on the set

Source link Paloma Faith comforts Jessie J and reminds her of her own miscarriage on the set

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