Palmerston North Parish Continues Relief After Cyclone

Palmerston North Parish continues to provide assistance to the community following the damage caused by Cyclone Gabriel.

Earlier this month, the diocese sponsored a joint parent conference at Sacred Heart College and St. John’s College.

The move follows generous donations from people across the country who donated to Cyclone Gabriel’s call for parishes.

Nick Wilson, Pastor of Palmerston North and Young Catholic Team Leader, said the diocese is committed to helping the community.

The guest speaker that night was Michael Hempseed.

He spoke about “understanding and healing the effects of disasters.”

Hempseed helped in both the Christchurch earthquake and the March 15 mosque attack.

He told parents and teachers that the psychological effects of disasters often appear only three to five years later.

“What we do know is that there is a strong sense of community when disaster strikes, and that is considered a protective factor.”

Go on, he says. He hosts community events and continues to do so.

Volunteering is an important means of healing, he added.

“This has a huge impact on well-being. First, I’m building a good group of friends, doing something positive for the community, and not sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself.”

Maria Neville Foster, principal of Sacred Heart University, said the evening was timely.

Expressing her gratitude to Hempseed and the parish, she said:

“They do very well with their community connections and I see great and tangible examples of that at school all the time.

“It’s important to me to try to host more social community events, so when you see such events being advertised, you’ll understand why. , we welcome you all into our community space as much as we can to make that happen in the future.”

She has great hopes for the future of the Sacred Heart and the students of St. John.

“But what matters is understanding them and being able to support them on their journey with their warnow.”

Julianna Collier, another teacher at Sacred Heart University, said hearing Hempseed’s advice was invaluable.

“It’s important to get permission to just listen. It’s also an opportunity for those affected to listen to others and know they’re not alone.”

George Rogers, principal of St. John’s University, said it was important to stand together and support each other during this difficult time.

He said the mental and emotional damage the cyclone caused to communities cannot be underestimated.


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