Overhaul of a large federal game as a compulsory sports cut

The Commonwealth Games will undergo a radical overhaul with netball in many sports that are said to be under threat from eviction of peasants.

In what looks like a desperate bid to survive, only athletics and swimming remain as compulsory sports, with the other 14 being optional.

The plan is confirmed in a BBC report by Scottish game president Dame Louise Martin, allowing cities to shape the program significantly.

In addition to promoting modern youth sports such as skateboarding, as the Olympics did, host countries can choose their local favorites. For example, India may choose Kabaddi.

Birmingham is said to be interested in the 2026 event, hosting next year’s games with Australia, Canada, India and Sri Lanka.

However, according to the BBC, it has become difficult to find cities that are interested in bidding for the tournament.

Dame Louise said the organizers can not only decide on the event, but also who to share the hosting rights with.

“I think it’s going to be a mutually beneficial situation for everyone because it opens the Commonwealth Games to other smaller countries, and for me it’s a way forward,” she said.

“We’ve been working hard to get a small country to host the game … if someone has a great athletics field, but the neighboring country has a great shooting range, together Let’s link and see what we can do.

“All we have to do is find the sport that young people today work with, so there’s nothing off the table.”

As part of cost savings, the Olympic Village will no longer be mandatory.

According to a BBC report, reforms are “especially worrisome” in non-Olympic sports such as squash, netball and bowls.

“There will inevitably be anxiety among many sports where position in the program is no longer mandatory,” the BBC insisted.

Athletics and swimming have been protected for their historical importance, as well as for reasons of “universality, participation, broadcasting, audience interest, parin inclusion, gender balance”.

Next year’s 16 sets of Birmingham sports will include athletics (including para-athletic), badminton, boxing, road cycling, gymnastics, hockey, judo, lawn bowls (including para-balls), netball, rugby seven, squash and swimming (including para-balls). Para-swimming), table tennis, triathlon, weightlifting / powerlifting, freestyle wrestling.

From optional sports, diving, basketball (3×3 and wheelchair), mountain bikes, track and time trial cycling, rhythmic gymnastics, paratriathlon, beach volleyball, women’s T20 cricket, and para table tennis were selected.

Overhaul of a large federal game as a compulsory sports cut

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