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John Paul College’s versatile mathematics “Olympian” in Rotorua was awarded the prestigious Douglas Myers Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge, England.

The 18-year-old Ishan Nath – Vice-Principal, Academic Captain, and Academic Committee Leader – will apply for a Mathematical Tripos study in Cambridge after receiving a $ 60,000 annual scholarship founded by the late Sir Douglas Myers. Previous. A former businessman founded the award for the benefit of academically talented students who intend to return to New Zealand to become leaders in selected fields.

Ishan’s academic performance includes outstanding calculus scholarships (first in 11th grade), geospace science and physics scholarships, as well as statistics. His special interests are in numbers, logic, quantum mechanics, quantum computing, and general relativity.

Ishan also represented New Zealand at the International Mathematical Olympiad for the past three years and won bronze medals in 2018 and 2019. In the 2020 edition of the Olympics, Ishan’s score gave him a gold medal. This is New Zealand’s second award. A competitor in the history of competition. Ishan also won a perfect score at the Australian Mathematical Olympiad and a gold medal at the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympics.

Music, speech training and community services are also distinctive features of Ishan’s achievements. He studied both piano and guitar to a high standard, played in school orchestras, was a member of the school’s debate team, and completed a Speech New Zealand certificate and diploma. His community services include volunteering at Trade Aid in Rotorua and volunteering as a member of the Lake Okareka Fire Department.

Sharing his passion for mathematics was important to him. “My passion for mathematics ignited first when I was exposed to Olympic mathematics at the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Commission’s camp selection issue, and then at the camp itself,” he says.

“I learned that mathematics is not a subject intended for memorization, but instead is full of creativity and artistic interpretation. Even after finishing Olympiad’s mathematics career, these are problem-solving challenges. I’m going back to my problem and continuing to explore math ideas I haven’t seen yet.

“After a number of experiences teaching mathematics as an invited teacher, volunteer for an online workshop, and a paid tutor, I’ve always been inspired to see students solve these problems in their own creative process. I have received it. “

Ishan’s ambitions and future plans are associated with his activities throughout his school year. “Pure mathematics is fascinating because I am interested in both aspects of physics and computer science, but I look forward to entering the field of application and tackling the problems of real-world influences and the fundamental problems of modern physics. “He says. “Service to my community is an important part of my life now. I hope it will happen 10 years from now … I will continue to be involved in the fire brigade and emergency fire brigade and support as a volunteer firefighter. And I would like to continue, and perhaps become a crew leader, helping people participate in volunteer firefighting, and by playing in orchestras and bands, and participating in local productions. We aim to continue our passion for music and drama.

“No matter where you are, there is no doubt that you will join the Olympiad community. Both my love for math and my desire to give back to this community that helped me develop my math skills will bring the next generation of mathematicians to life. Inspired me to help. “

John Taylor, Chairman of the Myers Scholarship Selection Committee, said: Given that Mathematical Tripos is traditionally considered the toughest degree in Cambridge, Ishan has shown that New Zealand’s top math students can compete with the best math in the world. We will follow this highly talented youth career with great interest over the next few years. “

Sir Douglas Myers, a well-known businessman and former leader in the brewing industry, holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Gonville and Kaius College. He is an important advocate of education, business, sports and the arts, and this scholarship gives him an outstanding legacy of finding ways to create opportunities to encourage young New Zealanders to succeed in global competition. I’m taking over.

The scholarship provides tuition, college fees and living allowances and is worth about £ 34,000 or NZ $ 60,000 per year.

The University of New Zealand (formerly the New Zealand Vice-President’s Committee) manages this scholarship in addition to about 40 other undergraduate and graduate scholarships.

Applications for the 2022 Sir Douglas Myers Scholarship will end on December 1, 2021.

Outstanding Rotorua Students Win Myers Scholarship to Cambridge | SchoolNews

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