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Outbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Today’s number of cases when PM released roadmap from blockade

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October 22, 2021 New Zealand will move to a new “traffic light rating” system to manage Covid-19 when the District Health Commission has vaccinated 90% of its eligible population.

Kiwi is ready for the Prime Minister to find out how many new Covid cases are in the community each day Revealed new government signaling system Leave the blockade behind.

New Zealand will move to a system for managing Covid-19. District health committee has 90 percent Of a qualified population vaccinated.

Traffic light systems use vaccine certificates to ensure that compliant companies are always in operation. The government retains the right to use smaller, local blockades, but national blockades must also be terminated.

Also yesterday, a record 102 new community cases were detected.

The number of cases has surged to 94 on Tuesday, but experts are leaning to keep increasing.

Health Director Ashley Bloomfield said yesterday that the number of cases doubled every 10 to 12 days. The important point, he said, was how many of the people who caught Covid-19 were vaccinated.

Only 1.7 percent of people hospitalized for an outbreak of Delta are vaccinated.

There are still about 150,000 eligible people in Auckland, and 616,000 qualified people nationwide have not yet received a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Of yesterday’s incidents, 94 occurred in Auckland and eight in Waikato, according to Bloomfield.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson said there would be more incidents “definitely” in Waikato.

Unlinked “mystery case”

Of the 102 yesterday, 40 were unrelated to outbreaks and 30 were household contacts. Twenty of Wednesday’s incidents also remain unlinked.

Bloomfield said more unlinked cases are expected and the most important piece of information is finding their contact information.

Bloomfield said case detection and high rates of testing are important. Using Auckland modeling, he said the authorities have the feeling that they are finding most cases.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Covid is an unvaccinated disease.”

According to new data from the United Kingdom, 84% of the 40,000 patients who were hospitalized were unvaccinated. In New Zealand, he said, only three hospitalized people were vaccinated.

Bloomfield cautioned anyone with symptoms in the suburbs of Newlin and the North Shore to be tested as soon as possible, but said so everywhere in Auckland.

Travelers to Hawke’s Bay

One of the incidents in Waikato yesterday was exempted from traveling to Napier last Friday and returned a positive test when returning to Waikato. They were infectious in Hawke’s Bay-two close contacts there returned a negative test. The Waikato case is quarantined at home. No new incidents occurred in Hawke’s Bay, Bloomfield said.

The Ministry of Health has indicated that it can serve at alert level 3 as the latest guidance for relevant healthcare professionals. This means that in Auckland alone, about 2000 physiotherapists and other professionals can meet patients in person.

The patient will be screened, he said.

Authorities are planning a medical system to deal with the growing number of incidents, including sharing the workforce across the country, Robertson said. Today, there are 6 people in ICU, their rates are stable and currently not a problem.

Robertson also urged Auckland citizens to comply with the rules over the coming long weekend.

Outbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Today’s number of cases when PM released roadmap from blockade

SourceOutbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Today’s number of cases when PM released roadmap from blockade

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