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Outbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Sir John Key-5 Ideas to Transform Our Approach

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently said that at least 90% of the country has been vaccinated as a “golden ticket.” This means that in the future there will be no blockages or less restrictions. Claire Trevet of The New Zealand Herald discusses what a vaccination rate of over 90% will look like in New Zealand.Video / Mark Mitchell


When Apollo 13 took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 11, 1970, its mission was to land on the Moon, but just on the second day, an in-flight explosion changed everything.

Suddenly, the oxygen supply diminished and a desperate process began trying to return the three astronauts to Earth on a damaged spacecraft.

In a crisis, humans can be creative and original. Faced with growing awareness that Covid-19 and its variants may be with us indefinitely, the New Zealand Government and public health authorities such as NASA in 1970 adapt to new challenges. In order to do so, they need to change their mindset rapidly.

The purpose is no longer to be in a self-righteous hermitage kingdom, but to return to a life where New Zealanders can travel abroad-for some reason-knowing that they can go home when they want, and I We again welcome visitors to this country.

These are not fundamental goals, but there was no coherent plan shared with the public on when and how they would be achieved. The only urgency we’ve seen for months is the enthusiasm to blockade our country, blockade people, and blockade citizens abroad.

Sir John Key at the 2014 National Party Annual Conference.Photo / Getty Images
Sir John Key at the 2014 National Party Annual Conference.Photo / Getty Images

Some people may want to continue with North Korea’s options. I’m not one of them. Public health professionals and politicians have done a good job of scaring the public. Therefore, they are willing to accept multiple restrictions on civil liberties, disproportionate to their risk of being infected with Covid.

Another problem with the hermitage model is that we must believe that the government can continue to borrow $ 1 billion each week to disguise that we are no longer in the world.

We also need to ignore the deafening voices of tens of thousands of New Zealanders who are stuck abroad and violated their citizenship. Only a few of them managed to return when Wellington civil servants decided on a plight that was desperate enough to be rewarded with a golden ticket to MIQ. Why is it worth the lottery, as bureaucrats decide who will return home, but the rest pretend to be on long-term shopping trips abroad?

The lottery is not a public policy. It’s the embarrassment of the people. Whether you can meet your grandson, your dying mother, or your sister’s wedding depends on whether your number comes out. This is a lottery gambling with people’s families and futures.

On the other hand, brave New Zealanders who start or buy small businesses are just as worried and sleepless as workers. Blockade is an indiscriminate tool that stops commerce as effectively as stopping Covid. The real harm is hidden by the economy supported by borrowing.

Commentators who support North Korea’s options often argue that opening it up to the world can infect the virus and kill people.

International evidence does not support that claim. If you are vaccinated, you are unlikely to be hospitalized or die of Covid.

There is some debate that the government should mandate vaccinations, but no country has done this and we do not. Every day in New Zealand, people die of smoking-related cancers and other conditions involving lifestyles. Each of us makes our own choices and lives with the results.

But this is a plan that might work:

1. Give Maori and Pacific healthcare providers financial incentives for everyone vaccinated in the next 6 weeks.

2. If vaccinated before December 1, give a $ 25 voucher to everyone between the ages of 12 and 29.

3. Only vaccinated persons are allowed to enter the licensed facility (and as an incentive, the Shot Brobus can be parked outside some nightclubs).

4. Tell the New Zealanders when the border will reopen. It may motivate more people to be jabbed.

5. Stop the rule of fear. Instead, reassure people that it is possible to live with the virus as long as they are vaccinated. Invest in treatments that have proven to help fight the virus, increase hospital capacity and workforce, use Covid’s saliva testing, subsidize Covid’s home testing kits, order booster shots, and more to Pharmac Take positive action, such as funding.

The final part of the plan is to open the border soon.

MIQ is not enough as the only quarantine response. Home quarantine should start immediately.

In South Australia trials, people at home MIQ must agree to leave the phone 24 hours a day and be able to monitor using facial recognition and GPS technology.

If you break the quarantine, you will be fined $ 20,000 and you can put in a kicker to spend in Clangers.

In addition, as advocated by act leader David Seymour, we need a private, dedicated short-term MIQ facility for workers, and eventually for tourists.

Where to get vaccinated in Auckland-no reservations

This is not a complete list of possible things. There are several ways to encourage vaccination and allow New Zealand to rejoin the open world without us.

For those who say it’s too difficult or too risky, I ask this: One day, most of the Treasury’s budget pays only interest on the debt we’re currently accumulating, you’re up to date Can’t get cancer in New Zealand can’t afford them, so medicine, or more police, what do you think?

Would you like to act with the urgency and creativity NASA has shown when the government suddenly had to rethink its approach to the Apollo 13 mission in 2021? Nasa was successful. It has proven that different strategies are needed to get different results.

Outbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Sir John Key-5 Ideas to Transform Our Approach

SourceOutbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Sir John Key-5 Ideas to Transform Our Approach

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