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Outbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Is the number of cases today the highest ever?

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Prior to Super Saturday’s “Baxason,” there were 65 Covid-19 community cases in Auckland on Friday, and experts predict that there will be hundreds of cases in November.Video / NZ Herald

The health team is set up to reveal how many new Covid cases are in the community on “Super Saturday” (the day the country is urged to leave and be vaccinated).

Auckland’s Covid outbreaks are on the rise, with daily cases expected to reach hundreds next week, raising questions about how high today’s numbers could be.

There were 65 new cases yesterday, but only 3571 initial vaccinations in Auckland.

This is because the number of new community cases recorded daily for this New Zealand Delta outbreak occurred on August 29, with 83 cases recorded.

Since then, the number of cases has declined, but this week has steadily increased from 35 on Monday to 71 on Thursday, and there are concerns that today’s numbers may reach the 1980s again.

However, it is also expected that today’s Super Saturday will make a big difference in immunization levels.

Vaccine centers are set up not only around Auckland, but all over the country, and there are many that offer free meals and giveaways, as well as a festive atmosphere with music and celebrities at hand.

The live “Vaxathon” of the day runs from noon to 8 pm. The event celebrates the areas with the highest changes in vaccination numbers and is supported by the famous Kiwi.

It is specifically aimed at encouraging people who haven’t taken their first dose to reach out, step forward, and perhaps throw in free sausages to vaccinate in a fun and friendly environment.

The Ministry of Health said vaccination remains the country’s greatest preventative measure against the disease and urged everyone to be vaccinated on Super Saturday or to help someone get vaccinated.

According to provincial statistics, the first dose in Auckland was 3571 on Thursday and the second was 17,399.

Auckland vaccination rates are currently 88% (at least one vaccination) and 67% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated.

The overall immunization rate in New Zealand is 83.4% (at least the first vaccination) and 61.8% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

Of the 71 cases announced Thursday, 30 had exposure events in the community and the rest were quarantined throughout the infection period.

There are 34 inpatients in Covid-19, 6 in the ICU or highly dependent units.

Bloomfield previously told RNZ that of the 170 people who have been hospitalized for the Delta outbreak in Auckland, only three have been fully vaccinated.

About 4 percent of all people who caught Covid at the time of the outbreak were completely vaccinated-some other percent received a single dose, he said. The majority of cases and inpatients received no dose.

“We know that vaccinated people appear to be less infectious. First of all, they are less likely to infect the virus and, if infectious, less infectious. is.”

Outbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Is the number of cases today the highest ever?

SourceOutbreak of Covid 19 Delta: Is the number of cases today the highest ever?

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