Operational improvement was delayed due to the impact of COVID-19

Digital transformation occurs when a company decides to use technology to improve its operations. The technology used can range from ERP or back office software to e-commerce systems, speeding up order entry and fulfillment.

Companies that support themselves have begun and completed the first steps to use technology to improve their business. Since the blockade, many companies have observed that they are struggling to operate rather than financially due to delays in shipping and shortages of both inventories and labor. This means that these important transformation projects have been put off for some time, even if they help some of these issues.

This is the behavior we have seen for quite some time. Business owners who run multiple projects at the same time will be delayed because of their different priorities. Some companies work with advisors, coaches, or consultants to help them prioritize projects and make the most important improvements.

Prioritizing IT projects, these companies will achieve maximum growth. I’ve only seen it a few times. All the clients we have worked with have grown to prioritize this digital transformation.

What can you expect from a digital transformation project?

Additional Capacity – Initially thought to be cost savings, this rarely happens because companies have realized that they need more than one key person’s free space. So instead of firing people, you get more business through the system.

Find new issues – If the key constraints are in place, your enterprise will have many new issues. We alert our clients about these before they arrive and help them resolve these issues quickly.

You’ll want to get started sooner – working on a project requires a lot of hard work, a lot of data organization, and so on. Then you will see the return and you will want to complete it sooner. This is a comment we have heard many times.

What prevents a company from transforming its business?

Companies are deferring this type of project as they are about to retire or sell their business. This means they haven’t achieved the maximum selling price for their business-just ask your business broker. But most of the time, it’s horror. The business owner has heard or had some horror stories.

We always look at how providers work together and advise companies to hear that things don’t always go as planned. Successful transformation is the hard work of the enterprise. Their partners are there to support them in areas where they do not have expertise.

Where should I start?

Find out which process or system is causing the biggest headache and get help in determining if it’s a problem. Many advisors have experience in many industries, so see common issues. Having a second eye will help clarify the problem, as some problems may not be where you think.

Decide that you want to solve the problem and calculate how much the problem costs. Often, the problem is that it costs much more than it can be easily quantified.

These issues are worth solving first. Then find a set of related issues that you can solve at the same time.

Operational improvement was delayed due to the impact of COVID-19

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