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Operate a parish with a large capacity

If the parish “engine” involves mobilizing congregations and harvesting their gifts, it will be standard to run the parish with higher abilities.

Currently, the engine running the parish has a reduced capacity of about 5%.

That’s about 100 attendees at the God Innovation (DR) Aotearoa Conference in October by Father James Maron of Canada, author of “God’s Innovation-From Maintenance to the Church of the Mission” and a member of the Global Catholic Alpha Commission. I told someone.

At a zoom conference promoted by Hamilton Parish, Maron challenged listeners to dream big – imagine the parish running at over 60 percent engine capacity.

The ability to maximize the potential of the Church is found in God’s people, but it often does not happen, as Maron said.

Next, I gave an overview of the DR framework for transforming a parish from “maintenance” to a mission. Maron, who is currently active in 75 countries, introduced DR to New Zealand at the 2018 National Priests Conference.

He said DR is not a program, but a model of parish management. This is a concrete way to carry out Pope Francis’ vision for the 2013 Apostolic Recommendation of Evangely Gaudium.

“Some of our best churches do a really good job to tell the outsiders, you can enter, but we really have to do to become a missionary church That must be told to the people inside, you should go out. “

When a parish takes a missionary stance and allows it to be normalized to its culture, the parish’s identity eventually changes and becomes a missionary.

According to Maron, the three “keys” of Divine Renovation are represented by a new logo.

The first is to accept and harness the power of the Holy Spirit.

The second is the “superiority” of evangelism. Maron says about many parishes, if they work on evangelism, they “kill it with Christian education.

“What do you think? 80% of the energy is used for Christian education and 20% for evangelism.

“If you want to be a parish missionary, you have to overinvest, you have to invest disproportionately in evangelism, adult evangelism.” The DR approach encourages parishes to use adult evangelization tools, such as the Alpha Course, which is suitable for use in the Catholic Church.

“The important thing is that there are tools available to adults, for adults, and for those who don’t go to church or who don’t believe.”

The third key is to develop leadership and train people for it.

“Someone once said that leadership is a gift that unleashes all other gifts,” Maron said. “Still, we are not training leadership, nor are we training priests as leaders, and we need to provide some leadership …”

He said these three keys make all the difference.

The Eucharist is the “keychain” in this image, connecting everything else, the source and summit of Christian life. However, the Eucharist itself is not a “trajectory of evangelism.”

“The Eucharist is not what the church preaches the gospel,” Maron said.

“The Eucharist is a church of worship.

“If you actually used the Eucharist successfully and are truly a front-line evangelization tool, you probably narrowed it down to the point where it was unrecognizable. That is my belief.

“The Eucharist is based on the assumption that you believe in a particular thing and that you belong to. There are many speculations that do not apply to the average non-church member, non-believers. . “

To summarize his story, Maron said DR is a framework. It’s about taking in its own values ​​and using them.

  • Michael Otto is the editor of NZ Catholic.First published in NZ Catholic.. Reissued with permission.
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Operate a parish with a large capacity

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