Olympic Opening Ceremony Prime Time LIVE

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics has already taken place, but US Golden Time viewers are exposed to the entire show on Friday night.

After a year’s delay due to a coronavirus pandemic, Olympic Go back to Tokyo and then back to NBC to see the world.

Since Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of the East Coast, the opening ceremony will begin in Japan at 8 pm (7 am Eastern Standard Time).

The long-awaited opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will also be broadcast on Friday night from 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Ironically, of the Olympics Opening ceremony It was held at the Olympic Stadium in Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

The stadium was also used for the 1964 Olympic Games in Japan, but the stadium itself has undergone many refurbishments to meet all safety needs.

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  • See NBC Opening Ceremony

  • Drone floating in the sky

  • Streaming on various NBC platforms

    Olympic games Streamable On various NBC platforms, gymnastics events may be recorded on tape and repackaged for broadcast that night in golden time.

    • Women’s qualifying: Sunday, July 25, 2:10 am (Eastern Standard Time). The top 8 teams will participate in the team final. Next, the top 24 gymnasts will advance to the individual overall finals. Next, the top eight gymnasts of each device will advance to the final of the device.
    • Women’s team final: Tuesday, July 27, 6:45 am ET. Overall, Team USA aims to win the Olympic gold medal for the third consecutive year.
    • Women’s Individual Comprehensive Final: Thursday, July 29, 6:50 am ET.
    • Women’s Vault and Uneven Bars Finals: Sunday, August 1st, 4am (Eastern Standard Time).
    • Women’s Floor Exercise Final: Monday, August 2, 4:00 am (Eastern Standard Time).
    • Women’s Balance Beam Final: Tuesday, August 3, 4:00 am (Eastern Standard Time).
  • What rumors are spreading about the opening ceremony?

    According to the organizer, the budget for the ceremony will be about 3.5 billion yen, about $ 34 million.

    Like all other Olympics, there is a “national parade” and the passage of flames.

    There is also an exhibition flight from Blue Impulse, the aerobatic corps of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

    Rumors have spread that the focus will be on Japan’s tech game and manga powerhouses, which are expected to be central stages.

  • Where is the opening ceremony held?

    The opening ceremony will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

  • Who will perform at the opening ceremony?

    Video game icon Mario Along with flying cars and many other anime characters, it could be part of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

    Mario, a well-known plumber starring in numerous Nintendo games, will have a “central stage” with the organizers who want to deliver a message of peace.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Prime Time LIVE

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