Ocado’s order was canceled after a robot fire

Ocado had to cancel thousands of orders after a fire broke out at a fulfillment center in southeast London last Friday, leaving thousands of people with canceled orders. A fire broke out when three robots assisting in receiving groceries collided at the scene. 800 staff had to evacuate and firefighters had to work all night to contain the fire. No one was injured in the fire, and thankfully everyone is said to be safe and healthy. There was also minimal damage to some of the warehouses.

The company’s stock fell about 3% in early Monday trading. This means that people sold their stock when a fire broke out to save money. Ocado said the fire caused a “suspension of operations,” but the facility is scheduled to reopen next week. This inevitably costs Ocado’s money. They don’t have a warehouse to open and sell their goods, so they lose money because they can’t operate in this warehouse. This makes it impossible to sell the item to the public because it is currently not available in this warehouse. ..

What is the reaction of the people?

There was a lot of reaction on social media. Some people are very dissatisfied with the constant ruin of their orders by Ocado. One customer tweeted, “I’m sorry for the fire, why did I find it on Twitter when I didn’t have to get hurt?”This is 3rd Or 4th Confused column orders “. “It may be inconvenient, but it may be good if there is consideration for the business and staff,” he said, expressing his support for the company.

This is not the first time Ocado has actually ignited a fire, and Andover’s facility burned down in 2019 after an electrical failure. It had burned out for four days, but since then it has been rebuilt.

Ocado’s order was canceled after a robot fire

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