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NZ coal usage is increasing against all global warnings

New Zealand’s coal usage is increasing, but it is considered the worst and most polluted fossil fuel on the planet.

Coal emits about 30 percent more carbon dioxide than the next worst fossil fuels, diesel and gasoline.Many sources among them Green America Magazine Emphasize the negative effects of coal on the environment and human health.

MBIE Quarterly energy statistics For example, between January and March of this year, we used the same amount of coal as in 2016 and 2017 to generate electricity.

Despite the Prime Minister’s statement that climate change measures are essential, climate change activists are frightened that we are still burning coal on such a scale.

“Ongoing issues-not only low hydro lakes, but also many outages and lack of reliability in gas fields- [mean] We have burned coal as a backup fuel, “says Greenpeace. With sufficient investment in wind and solar over the last decade, the country did not have to burn coal.

Energy Minister Megan Woods says the government is investigating the reliance on fossil fuels for hydrological arid power generation. NZ Battery Project..

“The ability to store more renewable energies such as wind and solar is key to low-emission systems, further facilitating investment in renewable energies and switching to cleaner energy use in the transportation and industrial sectors. It will increase opportunities, “she says.

Despite evidence against the use of fossil fuels, not everyone is in favor of not using coal. They say it’s practical and we’ll be using it for decades to come.

Westland Mayor Bruce Smith believes coal will exist as a backup energy source for some time.

“It’s easy to talk about renewable energy, but after all, you can’t control the water level of the lake. You need to have some common sense and consider the practical aspects. At this point we get The best form of heating and the best form of energy is coal, and I don’t think it will change. “

Smith wants more electricity from the river.

“There are 206 rivers on the west coast. I can’t believe that inflow hydropower is not an absolute priority.”

According to the Coal Action Network, profit-focused retail utilities, which are more than 50% owned by the government, use all the fuel they need, and the economy, not the environment, is a major factor.

For example, Genesis Energy is using coal boilers at the Huntley power plant, even though it aims to shut down coal boilers in 2018.

By March of this year, 44% of total electricity generation was from coal.

To curb global warming, coal-fired power needs to be left to history, said Alok Sharma, UK President of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26).

A group of seven countries (G7) has pledged to expand technologies and policies to accelerate the transition from unabated coal capacity.

Sharma says the island nations want to be followed by a group of 20 wealthy and emerging (G20) largest emitters.


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NZ coal usage is increasing against all global warnings

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