Nureva video conferencing system is now Teams certified

Nureva’s best microphones and soundbars for audio and video conferencing are officially certified as Microsoft Teams Rooms devices, and according to the company, this is the first product combination to be certified for large conferencing spaces. ..

With global operations, including the Asia Pacific region, Nureva has been certified for the HDL300 video conferencing system used in conferencing spaces (up to 4.5mx 8.5m).

According to the company, the system uses a camera in combination with an “8192 virtual microphone” to catch sound as participants move around the room. This will make it always audible.

The company explains: “Unlike traditional audio conferencing systems for large spaces, there is no need for complex installation and calibration of multiple components such as DSPs, tabletop pods and ceiling microphones.

“IT teams can quickly and easily install and set up their HDL300 system in less than an hour. The system is wall-mounted with two screws and connected to the computer using Teams software via USB. Automatically. It’s tailored and continuously adjusted, so Teams Room is always available, even if it’s reconfigured to accommodate changing uses and protocol distances. “

Nancy Knowlton, CEO of Nureva, says Microsoft Teams adoption continues to grow. In short, customers are looking for a reliable, uncomplicated solution.

“We are thrilled that the HDL300 is the first Microsoft Teams-certified microphone and speaker bar in a large conference room, demonstrating its unique ability to provide full-room microphone coverage from a single device. doing.”

Albert Kooiman, Senior Director of Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft Teams Devices, agrees that there has been a rapid transition to hybrid working and learning models.

“I was thrilled to see how Nureva’s HDL300 system is a product that is extremely easy to install and use and provides the audio performance required for certification.”
At the end of last year, the Nureva HDL300 and Dual HDL300 were certified by BarcoClick Share, a video conferencing solution.

Users can wirelessly connect to AV equipment in the room by connecting the Barco ClickShare meeting button to their laptop and clicking the button. This action automatically recognizes the Nureva audio system and creates an immersive BYOM (bringing your own meeting) experience to indoor and remote participants.

Knowlton said: “This certification by the BarcoClick Share Conference reflects the growth of an ecosystem that leverages standard Plug and Play connectivity for interoperability with all third-party UC & C clients, CODEC solutions, and device sharing plug-ins.

“We are pleased to work with Barco to provide a user-friendly and reliable BYOM meeting experience in virtually any hybrid meeting or learning space.”

Nureva video conferencing system is now Teams certified

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