Novak Djokovic vs Australia is a grudge match in our polarized era | Novak Djokovic

First they came for a millionaire tennis player who posted a photo of a border form violation on their Instagram page. And I didn’t speak up.

In fact, no, it’s not. The Decision to re-cancel Novak Djokovic’s visaIt is neither an act of war against the Serbian people nor a presidential directive from the lizard ruler of Project DepleteTheSheeple, thereby jeopardizing his ability to compete at the Australian Open next week. Or whatever the spectacle of deportation really should be celebrated with any real fun, unless it rings your bell.

Perhaps most directly related to the Australian government’s intervention on Friday are those detained in immigrant hostels like Djokovic fled last week. These same strict border policies remain after the current celebrity edition disappears from the news cycle.And those unfortunate things haven’t happened yet Lives in a park hotel in Melbourne They will support you no matter how warm you are.

It is worth noting that so far, the court’s decision on the procedural fairness of Djokovic’s summary visa at Melbourne Airport has not been overturned. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke used another statutory authority to determine that Djokovic was not entitled to stay, either for the public good or because of his bad personality or misbehavior. The decision will be reviewed in an appeal over the weekend, but only with respect to the correctness of the procedure, not the content of the Minister’s view.

And I will go again. Due to all the turmoil as a global news event that one Serbian tennis player is weird about mainstream medicine, an almost unreliable cut-through, this Inferno is the comfortable ridged eyebrows of Judge Anthony on Friday night. I was relieved to see him resting in Melbourne Federal Court Kelly.

Judge Kelly, sitting in a high-backed chair and wearing a tie diagonally, looked like a man who was routinely appalled by everything in his line of sight, with no favors or exceptions. rice field. When the petition was issued and the timing was disputed, he listened to the expression of tired suffering, as if he was sitting persistently with a severe sciatica attack. At one point, he overthrew the obstruction from Djokovic’s lawyer with the words, “It’s the last thing I want to say, so it’s over.” The end result was not what Djokovic’s lawyers were asking for, and they filed their proceedings again in Judge Kelly’s court over the weekend. Instead, it refers to the next step in the judicial ladder. And whatever the end result, this was another ridiculously bizarre step in a ridiculously bizarre interlude.

This is where humanity’s polarized response to the global plague intersects in real time with the irreconcilable career ambitions of the world’s best male tennis player and the Australian Prime Minister. But some things are at least a little clearer.

First, it’s all great news for Scott Morrison, who is very grateful for being given this lever to public opinion during the election year. No, don’t look at the hell of Covid’s case.Look at the windmill instead Novak Djokovic Super healthy vegan celery juice around my head like an action man.

Novak Djokovic's visa canceled: how the controversy unfolded – video
Novak Djokovic’s visa canceled: how the controversy unfolded – video

Is it possible to get rid of the emotional edge here? Djokovic may be an annoyed person. He may deserve the basic shit of entering through a medical loophole, checking the wrong box on the border form. However, he is still basically deported for making the prime minister look bad, looking strange, and giving him an unpleasant atmosphere. And this is when it may do more harm than good to the rest of public discourse. This seems to be what his lawyer is trying to establish. Judge Kelly said the government considered the impact of Djokovic’s presence on vaccine controversy, but did not consider the impact of the government’s decision to deport the same people. Poke around your honor, the internet. It’s definitely nuts there.

The word binary was thrown into court. And that’s probably the most interesting point. If Australia vs. Djokovic tells us something, this is our world now. As an extreme example, Australians can focus their anxiety on one slightly ridiculous hatred person. Djokovic, on the other hand, is already crowned as a hero by those who think of #Australiahasfallen. “Spartacus in the New World” Here to fight injustice, hypocrisy, and (for some reason) colonialism.

Not surprisingly, the Big Sport 24-hour multi-camera circus projects something like this and takes us to a place where only these polarized and actually incorrect versions of reality can exist. I have it to go. Behind all this, there are two things worth remembering.

Djokovic is a very rare person, surrounded by acolytes and supplicants in the bubble of his sealed celebrity sports qualifications. And Australia is now a pretty weird place, a vast, dusty, atomized island nation, isolated for two years, terribly loyal and tired of outbreaks.

As Covid actually began to tear, it is presented with this ridiculous, crazy joker and skates through habits with his belief in his eccentric shape and the power of the detoxifying mind. Taking a step back, Djokovic’s arrival is currently the most ridiculous and provocative single event imaginable on these coasts, and could have been staged at the push of an already shivering button in Australia.

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What did you expect? It’s hard to figure out how Djokovic plays in Melbourne, or actually all sorts of happy endings. Apart from the obvious ones. Frankly, the only wise option is to fold and leave now and offer its rarest. number? me neither. See you in court again.

Novak Djokovic vs Australia is a grudge match in our polarized era | Novak Djokovic

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