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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 (HealthDay News)-They say that lightning never hits twice, but one is enough for the 47 people killed each year in the United States.

The National Meteorological Center calls lightning “a hotter, underrated murderer than the surface of the sun.”

Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center show an average of 773,000 lightning strikes annually in Nebraska alone.

John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist at the University of Nebraska, says that anyone outdoors during a thunderstorm needs to take precautions.

“If you hear lightning, don’t forget that you’re close enough to be hit by lightning strikes,” Jensenius said in a news release from the medical center.

He emphasized that you should stop waiting for thunder before evacuating. He said lightning could hit more than 10 miles in a thunderstorm area.

Also, it is the tallest object, not the metal, that attracts lightning. It can be wood, fences, ground or people.

The lightning bolt can keep a 60-watt light bulb on for six months, providing enough power to cool the refrigerator for 24 hours with the door open, Jensenius said.

When a lightning strike occurs, the power it contains is radiated from the center to the outside. As a result, it can hurt or kill people who are far enough to be on the path.

“Lightning follows the following route gas Water pipes, wires, telephone lines, cable TV, internet lines, gutters, downspouts, metal window frames, anything that conducts power, “said Jensenius.

Water conducts electricity, so stay away from showers and bathrooms during thunderstorms, he added.

In addition, lightning can ignite. Wood and other flammable materials can easily ignite, when lightning passes through wires Burn Raise them and set them on fire everywhere along the electrical system.

In addition, lightning power surges can damage electronic devices and shock That wave fracture Concrete, brick, cinder block, stone. Lightning often damages brick and stone chimneys.

Lightning can be strong enough to puncture stucco walls, shatter glass, and make grooves in the ground. crack The Foundation, Jensenius, added.

Washing machines are especially dangerous because they have electricity and plumbing. “Landlines are dangerous, but mobiles and wireless phones are safe,” he said.

Avoid direct contact with the ground as lightning can travel through the ground and across damp, moist concrete. Also, if you are in the basement, garage, or patio, wear shoes.

If a building is struck by lightning, contact the fire department even if you cannot see the smoke or flames.

Unplug and protect electronic devices. Surge protectors and UPS units do not provide direct hit protection.

If someone is hit by a lightning strike, call 911 immediately.

Finally, don’t stand outside and watch the storm, Jensenius said.

“Listen to the local weather forecast and always plan ahead so that you can go safely in the event of a storm. Stay indoors for 30 minutes after the last thunderstorm. The storm is going on and the storm isn’t going on. You have to worry about lightning. ”

-Stephen Reinberg

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Source: University of Nebraska Medical Center, News Release, September 7, 2018

Note the bolts from blue

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