NFT has been revealed as the most popular Side Hustle for 2022

With rising housing costs and lockdowns leading to newfound passions (banana bread, anyone?), many young people in the UK have taken up a side hustle. From slime baking to OnlyFans and NFTs, the rise of side hustles has never been greater.

If you’re considering making some extra money, Student Beans has analyzed the side hustle trends of 2022 and discovered which are the most profitable for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Side Hustles That Are Most Wanted in 2022

NFT animation came out as the most searched for buzz in the last 12 months with a huge +650% increase in searches. NFT It was miles ahead with influencer marketing and baked goods rounding out the top three.

The Most Profitable Side Hustle in 2022

Website designers can rejoice as this is the most profitable side hustle in the UK with an average selling price of £179. Next up for coin mining is Project Management for £33 and a personalized bar and drinkware for £22 – enjoy!

The best ecommerce products to sell in 2022

For Jojo Siva’s beloved Northwest, slime and foam are the best products to sell online to maximize profits. With little competition from over 8,000 sellers on Etsy, products selling for over £8.50 and over 300,000 searches on Amazon, slime takes the crown.

35% of the UK makes more money selling slime than on OnlyFans

It’s less sexy, but it makes more money – data shows that over ⅓ of Brits earn more cash selling slime than on OnlyFans, according to the Onlyfans income calculator, which says anyone who gets 1,000 followers earns up to £50 . 250 per month on the platform. 35% have less than 1000, this number could be significantly less.

According to the Student Bean study, sellers only need to sell 35 units of slime per month to earn 300 pounds, which is a guaranteed 50 pounds more than expected. Only fans. With slime competition low and demand reaching an average of nearly 500,000 searches per month, it’s clear the opportunity for this product is strong.

Success on an adult content platform relies on a large following, which takes time and is not guaranteed. You need more than 1 million followers to earn big money. So you better get out the glue and start making slime (and money)…

NFT has been revealed as the most popular Side Hustle for 2022

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