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New Zealanders see a chance at the Brisbane 2032 Olympics

Tokyo, July 22 (Xinhua)-New Zealand Olympic Committee CEO Kereyn Smith welcomes the announcement of Brisbane 2032, adding Oceania quota spots and offering more opportunities for New Zealand elite athletes Said.

The city of Brisbane, Australia, won the right to host the 2032 Summer Olympics by voting at the 138th meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Wednesday.

“We sincerely congratulate our Australian friends and colleagues for successfully hosting the 2032 Olympics,” Smith said in a statement.

“The Southern Hemisphere Olympics are great for New Zealand athletes, and sports provide New Zealand teams with a” home “experience and better travel, time zones and training opportunities. An additional Oceania quarter spot has been opened for New Zealand elite athletes.

“The Brisbane Games also offer opportunities for New Zealanders involved in event and sports management and volunteers who want to experience the excitement of the Olympics first hand.

“New Zealand plans to host pre-Olympic training camps by 2032, so not all opportunities are in Australia. As international travelers add New Zealand to their Olympic itinerary, tourism will also increase significantly. It will be boosted.

“We are confident that Brisbane 2032 will be a truly exceptional edition of the Olympic Games for all participants.

“What Kiwi is really happy with is the victory for Australia,” Smith said.

New Zealanders see a chance at the Brisbane 2032 Olympics

SourceNew Zealanders see a chance at the Brisbane 2032 Olympics

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