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New Zealand withdraws from calling Uighur massacre Chinese abuse | New Zealand

New Zealand Parliament abuses Uighurs in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region genocide..

Congress chose to weaken the language instead on Tuesday, discussing concerns about human rights abuses in the region in more general terms.

The new move is expected to unanimously pass on Wednesday. However, it does not indicate a deviation from the country’s current position.

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta is already Make a statement In March, he expressed “serious concern about the increasing number of credible reports of serious human rights abuses against the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and other Muslim minorities.”

Brooke van Felden, ACT New Zealand Deputy Leader and Diplomatic Spokesperson, filed his first allegations. She said the Labor Party, which has a majority in New Zealand Parliament, would not support the movement unless “genocide” was removed from the wording.

“It’s a sad situation that we needed to soften the language to discuss difficult issues,” she said in a statement.

The Government of New Zealand, from both national and international allies, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region..

By refusing to allow the genocide movement to proceed to the debate stage, the New Zealand government is out of step with some of its traditional partners, including the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Member of Parliament votes Declared that China is carrying out a genocide in April UK and EU have taken joint action with US and Canada Sanctions on Chinese authorities involved in the mass containment of Uighur Muslims.

In April, New Zealand’s position was strongly criticized in a debate by MPs, and Conservative Prime Minister Bob Seely said he was “in hell of ethical turmoil.”

Open letter from on Tuesday Uighurs In New Zealand, we called on Congress to declare the situation genocide. “I understand that New Zealand is neither a military superpower nor a trading superpower, but New Zealand is a moral superpower. It can affect the fate of the 20 million Uighurs suffering in their hometown.” Said.

“We are desperate. For us in New Zealand, the most painful torture we face is social isolation … our friends, relatives and colleagues in our hometown are in prisons or internments or in ubiquitous surveillance. It is a subject and there is no freedom at all. “

Evidence of mass containment of the Uighur minority has emerged from China. Forced sterilization, Forced labor, And allegations Mass rape and torture In Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Interviews with security guards and detainees at camp During February “They experienced or saw evidence of an organized system of mass rape, sexual abuse and torture.” March analysis based in the United States A think tank at the Newline Institute for Strategic Policy has discovered that China has violated all provisions of the UN Genocide Convention in treating Uighurs. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, And was committing a genocide.

China has strongly denied allegations of human rights abuses.

So far, the New Zealand government has sought to balance its commitment to human rights with the demands of its largest trading partners. Near the end of 2020, Export value to China only It exceeded the combined value of New Zealand’s next four largest trading partners: Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. Trade to China accounts for about one-third of New Zealand’s dairy exports, nearly 60% of forest products and more than 40% of meat. According to Statistics New Zealand.

Trade Minister Damian O’Connor frankly stated his economic interests when a reporter approached him as he walked into discussions at a labor caucuses on the “genocide” movement on Tuesday.

“Obviously, the Chinese government wouldn’t like that … I’m sure it will have some impact. [with trade].. It’s almost not rocket science, “O’Connor said. According to the staff report.

Opposition leader Judith Collins also said that the trade relationship between New Zealand and China was an “elephant in the room” in the debate.

“If you are looking at trade, at this point obviously we are [beholden to China] Under the terms of trade. Therefore, 29-30% of our trade goes to China, “she says. Told the staff..

Australia provides a vision of what the collapse of its trade relations will look like. Following a diplomatic crackChina has retaliated with tariffs, import restrictions and warnings to citizens banning travel to Australia. Last year’s analysis Last year, China’s declared and undeclared sanctions on Australia were found to cost around A $ 47.7 billion (£ 26.5 billion).

Goris Galaman, a diplomatic spokesman for the Greens, said it was clear that trade issues and how they could be affected by the genocide label. She said it should have nothing to do with how New Zealand condemned the atrocities.

“I’m worried to know that we can frankly say that trade can be prioritized over mass torture and death,” said Ghahraman. State, when we are talking about mass torture of Muslim minorities by other governments. It is not accepted as a consideration. “

The original motion, including the wording of genocide, had clear support from two minority parties, ACT and Green. Mr Galaman said the party supported the initial motion, but that was not enough. “It’s appropriate to see strong words like genocide, but it needs to take action,” she said. She said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade had no way of knowing if New Zealand was trading goods produced by forced labor of Uighur detainees.

“We’re not just talking about normal trade sanctions. We’re literally talking about buying goods produced by atrocities.”

on Monday, Ardern said in a speech The difference between New Zealand and China is that it is “difficult to reconcile.”

“There are some things China And New Zealand disagrees, disagrees, and will disagree, “she said. “This doesn’t have to undermine our relationship, it’s just reality.”

Ardern, in her personal opinion, refused to reveal whether the events in Xinjiang constituted a genocide.

New Zealand withdraws from calling Uighur massacre Chinese abuse | New Zealand

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