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New Zealand temporarily suspends travel from India-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said travel from India to New Zealand (including New Zealand citizens and residents) has been temporarily suspended due to the high number of cases of Covid-19.

Health Director Ashley Bloomfield confirmed this afternoon: Border workers tested positive For Covid-19.

Bloomfield also published 23 new positive Covid cases in controlled quarantine, 17 of which arrived from India.

Ardern says she is focusing on new incidents at the border today.

“The number of cases of the virus is increasing internationally, especially in Brazil and India … this global trend is beginning to be reflected here,” she says.

“Travelers from India have been temporarily suspended from entering New Zealand.”

The travel ban is from April 11th to April 28th and is expected to be temporary, she says.

This is the first time New Zealand has blocked the return of citizens and residents.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that he will temporarily suspend his trip from India to New Zealand.
Photo: RNZ / Duncook

“I fully understand the difficulties caused by this temporary outage,” says Ardern. “I understand that, but I also feel the responsibility and obligation to find ways to reduce the risks travelers are experiencing.”

This is mainly due to the increasing number of cases arriving from India, and it is believed that many were infected with the virus while traveling on international flights while in India.

India has been Suffering from persistent outbreaks It reports a 7-day average of 93,000 new cases per day. The United States is second with 64,000 and Brazil is second with 63,000. Turkey has 43,000 and France has 36,000.

Cases in New Zealand’s controlled quarantine and quarantine (MIQ) facilities have increased from 2-3 cases per day to 4-5 cases per day on average over a 7-day period.

“We want to reduce the number of cases that arrive in general,” Ardern says. “The advice is that people are more likely to be infected with the virus … when they travel to the airport and before they board the plane.”

“It’s not our intention that this is a long-term tool,” she said, but she couldn’t deny that the travel suspension was extended.

According to Ardern, the government is not considering suspension in other countries at this time. This is because in other countries where Covid-19 is booming, fewer people travel to New Zealand than India.

According to Ardern, the government has long been concerned about high-risk countries.

“We investigated if there was a problem with the accuracy of the pre-departure test, but it has not been proven where the problem lies. I will. “

There are quite a few deaths worldwide, only yesterday in Brazil. Report more than 4000 deaths a day..

Ardern states that the suspension is temporary because “it is obligatory to allow citizens to return to New Zealand.”

It will reduce the risk to New Zealand and travelers, she says.

Regarding the security guard case announced today, Ardern said he understands that efforts have been made to vaccinate the person in question.

“My expectation is that all front-line border workers will be vaccinated for their health and safety … from Monday we will begin those processes. [workers] Those who do not have [been vaccinated] Transition to another role. “

this week, Travel bubble without quarantine with Australia It will be operational from April 19th.

New Zealand temporarily suspends travel from India-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

SourceNew Zealand temporarily suspends travel from India-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

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