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New Zealand is confused about human rights violations in China

Beijing [China], June 11 (ANI): New Zealand speaks openly about human rights issues in general, but is largely silent in China’s internment camp, thinly obscured as a “re-education camp” for Uighur Muslims. doing.

Recently, Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta said New Zealand was uncomfortable hunting down China on the issue, the East Asian official newsletter reported.

China is New Zealand’s largest partner, accounting for about 30% of New Zealand’s total trade and worth about US $ 10.8 billion.

Wellington’s second-largest partner is Australia, which lags far behind China, with trade between Tasmans accounting for about 12.7% of New Zealand’s total trade, or about US $ 4.8 billion, the East Asian Bulletin said. I am reporting.

Most of New Zealand’s exports to China come in the form of dairy products, and New Zealand seems to be afraid of what happened to Australia after Canberra confronted Beijing about the treatment of Uighurs. In penalties, China has cut Australian wine imports by a staggering 96 percent.

China has already apparently decided to say or do what it dislikes to the enemies of most countries, and Beijing’s Communist Party takes advantage of good economic relations with countries around the world. And I stopped asking critical questions. For slid to China of fascism under the Xi Jinping President, East Asia the official gazette reported.

However, New Zealand is beginning to show signs of a national backbone emerging.

After China dealt with Australia, Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reportedly said it was becoming difficult to adjust for differences in their values.

Perhaps Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern couldn’t do anything more directly about her current position, fearing the economic implications. Perhaps her approach to Beijing is just a “pacal” (fear) to use Kiwi’s terminology, the East Asian official bulletin reported.

The COVID-free trip between New Zealand and Australia only began shortly after the two countries closed their borders to other parts of the world for the past 15 months, and New Zealand now seems to have been trying to ease that long time. .. Prime Minister Morrison will partner with Australia before visiting New Zealand in late May.

This also seems to be true if New Zealand is trying to ease between Australia and China in order to promote better relations between Australia and China.

So far, this is the only way New Zealand can maintain trade relations with China while supporting its neighbor Australia, the East Asian official bulletin reported.

But China’s constant influence and how to counter it in the Hall of Fame on either side of the Tasman Sea is expected to be a long-standing focus for Australia and New Zealand to launch.

New Zealand does not have to harshly criticize Beijing on the world stage, but keeps silence at a critical time in regional history, especially as China continues to curb objections in Hong Kong and force Taiwan. The decision is certainly surprising to succumb to its demand that the island nation be an integral part of China-even if both have completely separate political and legal systems.

Meanwhile, more and more news is coming out of China about forced sterilization of Uighur women, slave labor forced by Chinese authorities in the form of cotton picking, and attempts to force Uighurs to deny Islam. Eat pork. (ANI)

New Zealand is confused about human rights violations in China

SourceNew Zealand is confused about human rights violations in China

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