New Zealand has recorded more than 600,000 rugby injury claims in 13 years

Adults are more likely to get injured than young people, with four times as many players over the age of 18 as players under the age of 17. Researchers said there were multiple studies of rugby elite-level injuries, but few studies at the community level, especially among female players.

Some researchers and safety advocates believe that reports of youth rugby injuries are less comprehensive. This, coupled with the lack of research at the community level, raises questions about the safety of rugby for young people.

This is especially important for concussion claims, and researchers are convinced that concussion injuries are underreported. Probably because they couldn’t recognize the signs of concussion by the player, teammates, or family. Some people think that the injury is not as serious as it reports.

Further research is needed to determine the amount of concussion underreported in New Zealand rugby and the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of rugby participants regarding concussion, according to researchers.

ACC and New Zealand Rugby are working together to raise awareness about concussion as well as minimize the frequency and impact of sports injuries. According to one NZR study, the top two reasons high school rugby players don’t report concussion are that they don’t want to miss the game (31%) and that they don’t recognize the possibility of a concussion (31%). 27%).

Former players have sued World Rugby, Rugby Football Union and Wales Rugby Union for brain damage from playing sports.

Scott Aroll, CEO of Dementia NZ, said the number of cases of rugby concussion in New Zealand was a concern.

“ACC has reported 28,000 complaints by rugby players from 2010 to 2020. [related] For concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI), sports need to be more proactive in engaging with the dementia care department, “says Arol. “Organizations like us are experts in providing support, education, and knowledge based on research, practice, and grassroots coping with communities across the country, so you can see what’s happening in the field every day. increase.”

New Zealand has recorded more than 600,000 rugby injury claims in 13 years

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