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STRONG demand for the latest Outlander (above) helped Mitsubishi maintain leadership in new passenger car sales, but the entire market is slowing after six months, with a major drop in June, especially in light commercials, a move the industry attributes to more than just a limited offer .

Speaking on behalf of nearly new auto distributors, the Motor Industry Association also cites the rising cost of living, high fuel prices and a weakening economy.

A registration count of 12,049 new passenger and light commercial vehicles is 3,086 short as of June 2021; that is a decrease of 20.4 percent.

Separately, sales of light commercial vehicles – primarily one-ton vans and utilities – in June were almost half of the same month last year’s result; only 2,486 of these came into ownership. The number of passenger cars and SUVs for the past month was 9,563 units, down 7.2 percent from the same period last year.

The combined total year-to-date registration rate is down 3.1 percent.

Mitsubishi came out on top in new car sales with a 19 percent market share (1,827 units), followed by Kia at 15 percent, while the usual market leader, Toyota, had a 13 percent segment.

The top three car choices were two Mitsubishis, the Outlander – which also dominated the plug-in hybrid sector – and ASX and then the Kia Sportage.

Toyota dominated the commercial sector with a 37 percent market share and 924 new registered vehicles. Ford followed with 12 percent and Mitsubishi with seven percent. Hilux was the ute of choice last month, but overall it’s still Ford’s Ranger at the top so far.

In the electric car corner? Leading the way was the Hyundai Kona, followed by the Polestar 2 and the Kia EV6, but they all achieved small numbers: 152, 103 and 65 units respectively. Tesla, even with the introduction of the Model Y crossover based on the Model 3 sedan that dominated at the start of the year, was anything but a no-show, with no cars coming out of Shanghai.

Of the plug-in hybrid choices, the Outlander led with 273 units, followed by the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with 205 and then the MG HS (65).

Hybrid action was more lively: 1166 were registered. The top picks were all Toyotas; RAV4 leads with 227 registrations, followed by the Corolla (180) and the Highlander (156).

New vehicle sales are declining — Motoringnz

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