New South Wales Flood: Sydney’s Warragambadam leaks as warning in upper hunter | New South Wales

Volunteers from the state emergency services provided 20 flood rescues and responded to nearly 600 requests for assistance. New South Wales Over the last 24 hours as Hugola residents were preparing to evacuate.

SES advised that a rise in river water level was observed along the Mandagery Creek upstream of Eugowra.

The stream is approaching a peak of about 8.2 meters and has risen further to the expected flood level of 9.10 meters from Saturday afternoon.

Residents were required to monitor the height of the river and prepare to evacuate if the situation worsened. Flood evacuation warnings have also been issued for Whittingham, Scottsflat, Glenriding, Danory and Combo.

Wara Gambadam spilled after 9 pm on Friday, spilling at a peak rate of about 60-80 gigaliters per day on Saturday morning, and was shy at the 500 GL spilled during the peak of the March flood. The dam was 100% full on Saturday afternoon.

“Current forecasts are that the spill can last up to a week,” WaterNSW said, adding that “downstream impacts are likely.”

Dean Storey, SES Assistant Commissioner, said he was busy 24 hours a day throughout the state, especially the Upper Hunters. A new flood warning has been issued.

“That continues to be our focus today,” he told ABC on Saturday morning. “Scones and Muswellbrook have been affected by the floods over the last 24 hours and are still affected to some extent, with the focus shifting downstream.”

Floods in the singleton on Saturday evening and in Maitland on Sunday, Stories said.

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However, the situation across the state remains volatile, with more than 20 surveillance and alerts active after a month of heavy rain.

WaterNSW said it flows in an unregulated stream Mooki River in northern New South Wales It seemed to be twice as high as the previous flow.

The stream headed for the Namoi River, which was a flood threat to Ganeder, Boggabri, Naraburi, Wewer, Bugilborn and Goangla.

A deluge flood occurred in Jemalong along the Lachlan River, and on Monday the river level peaked at about 7.94 m and was stable above the deluge flood level. Downstream, Nanami has been hit by moderate floods and can rise further when streams from the Canoe Windra arrive.

Further rains and thunderstorms are predicted throughout the Lachlan catchment area over Saturday evening, with additional floods in Jemalong, Condobolin, Euabalong, Nanami and Hillston.

Elsewhere, there were massive floods along the Belubula River in Canowindra and Monday Jerry Creek.

Floods continued in Wewer, Gunnedah, and Jemalong, and Narrabri, Coonamble, and Singleton were expected to exceed the floods overnight to Sunday.

After the flood warning was issued on the Guidil River, a moderate flood could occur in Yarraman by Saturday evening. Small floods continued in Bassert.

SES warned that it is a “high” community where rivers and flash floods are likely to occur over the weekend, as it already has saturated water bodies and flooded dams.

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WaterNSW said it continues to monitor storage levels in the state’s major regional supply dams. Almost all of these dams received a constant influx, exceeding 90% of their storage capacity.

“Water NSW dam officials are flooding 24 hours a day at several dams where the Namoi River Keypit Dam and the Macquarie River Blend Dam are the main regional focus all night long,” the agency said. rice field.

The Burrendong dam (about 130% full) received a large influx on Friday, and the reservoir almost filled the dam’s 500GL flood mitigation zone.

Burrendong’s storage levels have increased by 10 percentage points in 24 hours. This includes a 0.5% increase per hour for 5 hours. This requires a nighttime dam release that reaches 30 GL / day before shrinking to 5 GL / day this morning to avoid rising downstream river levels that are already rising. According to WaterNSW, the inflow of tributaries is large.

The Keypit Dam will reach Ganeder later today, so it has cut the release almost completely to avoid being added to the record flood peaks of the Muki River.

Elsewhere, the Peel River’s Chaffey Dam continued to flood, and the WaterNSW team was monitoring the inflow of Murrumbidgee into the Ballinwak Dam and Blowering Dam. ..

“This is a very high flood risk for the entire state at this point,” Story said. “We encourage all communities and their flood-prone areas to be aware of the risks, monitor local conditions and follow their advice.”

The Meteorological Department said on Friday that some parts of the state were hit by more than 100 mm of rain. The downpour could be mitigated over the weekend, but the risk of flooding continues.

Wewer could be blocked for more than a week due to floods, and a local fire helicopter was called on Friday to rescue a man trapped in the roof of a car in the Karuna flood on the Liverpool Plains.

The story said it was a good time to get off the road.

The Oxley Highway was closed in both directions between Carol and Gunnedah, and the Kamilaroi Highway was closed between Curlewis and Breeza.

In Muswellbrook, the New England Highway was closed in both directions.

According to police, the Land Cruiser was swept off a small causeway and carried 200 meters downstream by rising water levels at Barrel Creek, west of Tally, on Friday afternoon. Two men came in to rescue a 65-year-old trapped driver, but got stuck. The trio was finally safely carried by five police officers who made the lasso from the length of the rope.

Hunter Valley police also dragged a 52-year-old man from a spill in Muswellbrook after his Toyota Hilux was swept 400 meters away by a stream on Friday night.

Earlier Friday, an RFS helicopter was called in to rescue a man trapped in the roof of a car in a flood in Karuna, northeast of the Liverpool Plains.

SES has responded to more than 3,000 requests for assistance since the onset of stormy weather at the beginning of the month. Most of them were storm-related damage such as water leaks, roof damage and windthrows.

In southern Queensland, six people, including infants, were rescued from the flood as police warned drivers to avoid flooding the road.

By Sunday the situation was expected to ease and there were few forecasts of rain nationwide.

New South Wales Flood: Sydney’s Warragambadam leaks as warning in upper hunter | New South Wales

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