New regular KiwiSaver payments are introduced

The regular KiwiSaver fund starts with poor returns.

Tuesday, April 26th 2022, 7:47 AM

The six new KiwiSaver payments launched in December last year got off to a good start with an average of returns – 5.5% in the three months to March 31st.

MJW’s most recent research report said the same thing when KiwiSaver was released in 2007.t

The government required new bonds to grow at a higher yield than the previous bonds.

According to MJW, the costs are the same, ranging from 50-60% to real estate. BNZ and Kiwi Wealth are the biggest competition, while Westpac is the most conservative with only 50% given to growing assets.

In total, $ 2.6 billion was invested in fixed income.

However, MJW said the quarter had a negative impact for most of the funding.

The KiwiSaver stock returned median -5.5% for the quarter, while the median stock returned -5.9%. The median conservative fund also saw a significant loss (of 4.0%) for the quarter, reflecting the heads of the fixed income markets.

The leaders who did well were Milford (high growth and equity finance) and BNZ (high conservative finance). These funds have benefited from higher -income financial institutions than their peers, which is one of the real safe havens in this quarter.

In the long run, Milford continues to stand out with his hard work that has been corrected.

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New regular KiwiSaver payments are introduced

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