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Southern Software, a Queenstown -Lakes -based business company, wants to help businesses achieve more with the latest addition to their portfolio – a SaaS (software as a) platform. service) called. Attachment.

According to the founder Southern System, Duncan Faulkner is well aware of the unique challenges presented to professionals on a daily basis. Not only were they expected to be aware of many moving parts at once, but they also needed a large visual sensor to keep the sides moving as things moved.

Thinking about how to make the lives of businesses easier, Faulkner began to explore the concept of ‘less size’ in technology. He figured out a way to create a free SaaS app that could set users up for business while focusing on the success of different goals.

“What we’re trying to do is create this kind of peace in the mind of the entrepreneur where they think on top. They think they’re moving all of their goals forward. and they’re doing a much better job than having that constant noise and worry that so many of us are in trouble, ”Faulkner said.

What sets Focus apart from other project management tools is that it does not apply to other users, nor is it constantly monitored.

Focus encourages users to set up a calendar reminder to save time each week to monitor the status of various goals. When the user interacts with a ‘card’ (a program or desired outcome) and updates it, the card is completely blocked. Users set the frequency for reminders on cards before seasonal days. In this way, Focus ensures that things move forward.

“It ends things that are stuck by constantly coming back to your mind and going in front of your gaze,” Faulkner explains. “Therefore, he is only announcing to you important things at this time. Everything else is over.

If the user does not update a view when it comes out, the card remains on the side, making it more difficult to view.

By creating a bird’s eye view of everything a business owner wants to accomplish, in one place, with the intended results, Focus aims to help businesses achieve more.

Focus was released in February, and the first 2,000 users had free access to the software and web product programs.

The app is designed for desktop use, which is another design option that further reduces embarrassment.

The Focus app is used

Now, the most common response from users, including Xero founder Rod Drury, is how to make a break from the idea that comes from implementing each level. and move to a goal.

By providing a tool that encourages focus on one thing at a time, Faulkner hopes to give employees a sense of time to go. He said we can make our best planning decision by face to face and observation and someone will help us think again. We are moving away from living in a much faster space.

In this way, professionals can continue their work – create a result.

“You encourage those professionals to work again and win again. And when the workers are responsible, the employees and the other professionals around them are responsible.

New program helps entrepreneurs achieve more consistently – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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