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white cliffThe new Master’s Degree in Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation is New Zealand’s first non-professional MCEI. Not only is it so innovative and unlike anything else on offer on either side of Tasman, it carries the gold stamp of approval from some of the world’s most visionary movers and shakers. I’m here.

Designed in collaboration with industry, this innovative degree leverages the knowledge, expertise and lessons learned by previous industry veterans to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the tools to succeed To do.

“This degree was not created by a bunch of academics sitting around a table drinking lattes,” says Eric Thompson, principal of Whitecliffe’s Design Innovation Department. “It was developed in collaboration with industry and is completely different from what is currently being offered in New Zealand or Australia. But they have a big scar in technology and business: a hands-on program with a strong focus on innovation, taking an idea and making it desirable, feasible, feasible. teach students how to

Eric Thompson, Dean of the School of Design Innovation at Whitecliffe.

Founders, venture capitalists, investors and R&D heads from New Zealand and abroad have contributed to the program’s content, including Kale Panoho (Top 30 Fortune 5000 Founders 2021), Sachi Taurerai (ANZ Head of Design), Tess O and others. Regan Burns (Zero, NZ Director of Education) and New York-based entrepreneur and investor Jonathan Reed.

Together, they contribute to the formation of cutting-edge degrees that open entrepreneurial doors to students, providing invaluable guidance on how to discover new business opportunities, how to develop minimal viable products (MVPs), I learned how to approach investors.

“When I started doing this degree, I went out into industry and said, ‘This is what I want to do, can you tell me what you want in it?’ You From my personal experience, what did I miss? What did I wish I knew?” This is exactly what New Zealand needs.”

Feedback included the importance of taking initiative, building resilience, learning from failure, pivoting quickly, and connecting with the wider ecosystem and community, all of which are woven throughout the program.

“Failure is not a problem, you have to understand that it is very important to move on. It’s very important for people, especially when considering mental health these days. One Heidi Renata said:

During the 18-month MCEI, students will learn all this and more as they go on a journey of building, testing and learning. They enter the program with an idea for a product or service they want to develop, and pitch the idea to an investor panel at the end of their degree.

Whitecliffe’s MCEI program is currently accepting applications.

“I am truly impressed with this course and excited about the products, businesses and leaders that will emerge from it,” said Nick McFarlane, Design Director at Proximity. “This course gives us a USP (unique selling point) compared to other courses because it focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit and not just on the business side of things. , go on to create a mule, and gain experience in approaching potential investors – this is where it becomes a reality. The end goal that must be endured is forced.”

The opportunity to test and potentially launch ideas using Whitecliffe and the industry safety net provides a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to learn the ropes. This is great news not only for the students themselves, but for New Zealand as well. According to the MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment), the New Zealand government wants to encourage the creation of higher growth businesses, which means new founders and start-ups will be a top priority.

We are already seeing significant growth in this area. PwC Startup Investment New Zealand says early stage investors have poured $257.5 million into startups in 2021, up 63% from 2020. And as New Zealand’s startup ecosystem continues to thrive and mature, programs like Whitecliffe’s pioneering Creative Enterprise Innovation Master’s degree will be offered. It is an increasingly important starting point for future wealth and job creation.

Are you interested in developing your entrepreneurial abilities, ideas and startups?

Learn more about Whitecliffe’s new Master’s Degree in Creative Enterprise and Innovation here.

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