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But not only is no right-hand drive program planned, but the belief that the i3 eDrive35L is “tailor-made for China” means it will only work there.

The car will be built exclusively in Shengyang, China, as part of BMW’s long-term partnership agreement with China Brilliance Automotive. The partners say they have made a number of components and dynamic adjustments to the car to meet the Chinese market.

The L designation in the name means it’s actually a long wheelbase model, with 110mm more space between the axles than the standard 3 Series.

That’s because Chinese car buyers value plenty of rear legroom, a legacy from a time when most car owners in China still employed drivers.

While the electric Three is out, some of the technology it shares can be experienced here. The car uses essentially the same 210 kW electric motor as the iX3 SUV that recently arrived.

Meanwhile, production of the i3 hatch will end in July after a nine-year run with 250,000 units produced. The plant in Leipzig, Germany, will then focus on production of the upcoming third-generation Mini Countryman. The i3 hatch is expected to be indirectly replaced in global markets by the BMW iX1, an electric version of the third-generation BMW X1 that sits on the same FAAR platform as the new Mini.

New i3 now electric sedan — Motoringnz

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