New business attraction

Starting a new business can be an emotional attraction, but four years later Megan Turnbull has grown confidently.

“When you start any business, you wonder if it will work,” he said. “In the beginning, you move to a new customer perspective!”

Megan, who has been blind since the age of three, took a bold step in 2018 and began a private counseling practice based on 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and social worker.

Dunedin Gestalt psychotherapist realized that people who seek a therapist can approach many and only a certain percentage will become his client.

“At first it was a bit of an attraction, now I think, ‘OK, it might come out, it might not.’

He is now more confident that there will be enough customers. He also learned to balance workouts, rest one or two full days a week, and work earlier or work later if needed.

Asked more about what she has learned specifically about counseling over the past few years, Megan stops to think.

“I think if you are open to it, you always learn. I continue to fascinate people.

“People are interested in how they choose to live and choose.”

He respects people who want to test their lives through counseling.

“I continue to do this job with great privilege. “You understand things you would not otherwise understand.”

He adds to what he has already learned, and also realizes how little he knows.

“I do not consider myself an expert on people. I’m more respectful and sometimes intrigued – [at] Whatever people do. “

Establishing a human connection

When the Daily Encourager first met Megan in 2018, she explained that human connection is important to her.

Asked in late January whether the Covid-19 pandemic had provided any new ways of connecting, he said sometimes people want connection and sometimes not.

“This is something that is impossible to force – be open to it, but you can not force it.”

We need to be sensitive in the sense that we are not in relation to people and we need to measure where they are, he says.

It’s kind of like maintaining your own ego.

“As a therapist, this is an opportunity to be able to step back and let them continue.”

He says that while counselors do the job for clients, they are witnesses when people research themselves and their desires and decisions.

He did not notice the Covid-19 crisis, which caused the number of clients or what they wanted to talk about, although he notes that he is just one practitioner and it is difficult to discern trends.

Love of reading

Megan loves reading and finds that communicating about books makes sense and delivers information to people.

He read the pile this summer – “I hate not to have books!”

He especially enjoys the novels of Canadian writer Miriam Touse All my cruel sorrows.

Years ago, Megan borrowed books from tape from the public library and made cassettes at home.

He has recently managed to use three phone apps: Audible, Dunedin Public Library ‘Borrowbox and BookLink, Blind Low Vision NZ.

While technology is not his strong point, he realized that audio books were the way of the future and would make more books available to him.

They are popular – he says, often queuing up for library audio books.

Another of Megan’s hobbies is creating scented soaps and candles under her Smelly Business label. He sells some weird Blacks Road Grocer and makes them for himself, friends and as a gift.

Hobby: Megan’s Smelly Business brand, created by her sister artist friend

He likes their donation to second-hand shops near the Dunedin Botanical Garden, so customers can buy quality candles or soap cheaply.

In this way a good balance was fruitful, he says.

It is not necessary to make money for productivity.

He is not a fan of consumerism and appreciates that people made gifts to each other.

Helping others share fragrant goodness also provides personal satisfaction.

“This is another way of giving it to the public, but not in public. “I’m not the one who wants to do a great song and dance to it.”

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New business attraction

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