Needle-free influenza vaccine by mail?It may happen

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 (HealthDay News)-Instead of visiting a doctor every fall, sitting in a waiting room full of snuffs, sneeze Mass-What if you could just slap Influenza vaccine Did you send a “patch” by email?

It is the vision of researchers who developed and conducted early tests without injections. vaccination It looks like a band-aid you put on your arm.

Their first hope is to create something like that vaccination It will allow a quick public health response in the case of a pandemic influenza..

“If a pandemic occurs influenza, The last thing you want is what people do cough While they are waiting for each other Influenza vaccination“Darrick Carter, the lead author of the study, said.

“The new vaccine uses a combination of three technologies and is specially designed for use by the recipient of the vaccine. It can be mailed and worn to protect yourself.” Carter said. He is the Vice President of the Seattle Institute for Infectious Diseases.

Microneedles on the patch deliver the vaccine. “In most cases, an injury can rub you or make you superficial. scratch, And much of the immune system is on the surface of the skin to react, “Carter said, explaining why he didn’t need an intramuscular injection.

Another component of the vaccine is a new type of antigen. This is a substance that causes the immune system to produce protective antibodies. Another company offers this component, Carter said. It uses reprogrammed plant cells to produce virus-like particles.

The last ingredient is an adjuvant, a substance that enhances the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Researchers have tested liquid vaccines and ferret adjuvants. They said a single vaccine completely protected the animals.

They also gave 100 humans an adjuvant and vaccine in liquid form to test the safety of the vaccine. There were no serious side effects. In addition, those who received the vaccine showed a stronger immune response. However, this study is not designed to test how effective the vaccine was in humans.

“This is a clinical proof of a proof-of-concept study,” Carter said. Researchers want to get additional funding to move on to the next stage of human experimentation. If all goes well, Carter said it might be possible to approve this vaccine in five years or so.

Infection Director, Dr. David Davenport Prevention At the Borges Medical Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, he said it could be a “game changer.” He was not involved in the study.

“Egg base vaccination It’s incredibly outdated and we have to move away from it, “Davenport said. [to manufacture], In some cases 6 months or more. In the event of a pandemic, the ability to scale up quickly is needed, and plant-based vaccines can take up to 3 months. ”

“We were able to vaccinate many people,” Davenport said, when people sent vaccines by mail for self-management.Currently, less than half of Americans get it every year Influenza vaccination, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates.

The results of the ferret and early human exams were published in the journal on September 12th. Science Advances..

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Source: Darrick Carter, Ph.D., Vice President of the Infectious Diseases Research Institute, and an affiliated professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. David Davenport, MD, Medical Director, Infection Prevention, Borges Medical Center, Ascension Health, Kalamazoo, Michigan; September 12, 2018, Science Advances

Needle-free influenza vaccine by mail?It may happen

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