NBA shoots down “religious exemptions” for unvaccinated stars

The NBA has rejected Andrew Wiggins’ vaccination exemption request, and Golden State Warriors Swingman will not be able to play home games until they meet San Francisco vaccination requirements.

The ruling was announced hours after Saturday when the New York Knicks vaccinated the entire roster and announced that all players were able to play home games.

Local Covid-19 regulations in New York and San Francisco require Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and Warriors to be vaccinated to play in their home arena unless exemptions for medical or religious reasons apply.

Wiggins sought an exemption from the league for religious reasons.

The league said in a statement, “The NBA seeks a religious exemption from the San Francisco Public Health Service’s order requiring all participants over the age of 12 to be vaccinated against Covid-19 at a major indoor event. We considered and rejected the request. “

“Wiggins cannot play Warriors home games until he meets the city’s vaccination requirements.”

Unvaccinated athletes are allowed to play this season, but the NBA says it needs to be tested daily on practice and travel days, at least once a game day, and in some cases more. However, fully vaccinated players are not subject to daily testing. ..

However, Knicks, Nets and the Warriors are facing stricter rules due to regional regulations that the NBA says does not apply to clubs visiting the team.

Knicks is the first team to say they have fulfilled their mission.

“Our organization (players, coaches, staff) is proud to be 100% vaccinated,” General Manager Scott Perry said on Saturday. “And I think it’s a credit to our players, especially that they took this very seriously and took responsibility for achieving it.”

Nets general manager Sean Marks said earlier this week that the two players would not yet be eligible, but he is confident that everyone will be available by the start of the regular season on October 19th. rice field.

Wiggins still has time, as the San Francisco mission will not take effect until mid-next month. The training camp will open on Wednesday.

The NBA will be vaccinated this offseason to participate in almost every party involved in the match (referees, coaches, stat crew workers, and others near players on and off the court in the NBA Arena). I agreed to do it.

The only exception: the players themselves who have blamed the National Basketball Players Association for all efforts from the NBA to mandate vaccination. At the end of last season, about 85% of players were vaccinated. Since then, the league-wide numbers are believed to have increased.

Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau acknowledged that Knicks medical staff maintain education and awareness of the viral protocol. Perry praised the players for acting on the information they were given, saying their decision to get vaccinated was irrelevant to any rules.

“As an organization, we clearly follow the laws and obligations of the league and state governments, but much of this was internal and internal,” said Perry.

NBA shoots down “religious exemptions” for unvaccinated stars

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