National Police Dog / Detector Dog Championships Top Dog Breeds Determined

This is the home of Constable Scott Gosnell and Apex’s new national police patrol dog champion team, watch out for Waukato.

The two, who have worked together since graduating in June 2020, have won the top overall Frank Riley Cup, the Criminal Conduct Discipline William Rose Bowl, the top obedience Commissioners Challenge Cup, and heelwork. The Monaghan Trophy with the highest score in the.

Inspector Todd Southall, the National Coordinator for Police Dogs, says the success of Constable Scott-Gosnell and Apex has been impressive against stiff competition from 10 other patrol dog handlers.

“They have stood out in difficult areas, demonstrating the same kind of high-performance aptitude and success that they demonstrate when operating in Waikato.”

Constable Gosnell is “surprised and very pleased” with the large amount of silverware. “We’ve had our ups and downs, but you never take anything for granted. I’ve had his Apex since he was 8 weeks old and all of our successes , with the help and support of our Waikato colleagues.”

Constable Aaron Sr. and Noor from Blenheim, Tasman, won the Colin Guppy Trophy for tracking at the Patrol Dog Championship. He competed at Canterbury before moving to the Tasman area and was enthusiastic about winning the chase.
“I was just called up to the Nationals on Friday as a replacement for another injured team, so it’s a great result.”

The police took first and second place in the drug-sniffing dog category, while senior Oakland constables Chris Harris and Floyd won the Alan Symes Cup. They know that after winning the title in 2018 and winning the Australian title the same year, they were runners-up in 2019, the last time the championship was held.

“It’s great to win, but it’s an absolute privilege just to be there. Every agency has been really strong.”

Senior Constable Patrick Derbyshire of Northland and Ripper were second.

Also in this category were two Corrections teams and two Customs teams.

Air Marshal Amon Nepe from Queenstown won the Air Security Shield as the best team in the Explosives Detecting Dog category. He was playing against another of his AVSEC colleagues and his two teams in the NZ Defense Forces.

Inspector Southall said this year marks the 49th year of the competition, but COVID lockdowns and operational requirements forced a postponement for the past two years.

“It was a few days of testing for all the handlers, most of them competing in the national competition for the first time. .

“All tasks and testing activities are based on the real-world skills and decisions handlers and their dogs must make in responding to a variety of incidents day and night.

“The dog team is doing a great job keeping our community safe. They provide critical frontline response, detection and prevention capabilities.

“It’s really exciting to see the blend of youth and experience we’ve seen in the last few days.


Published by Police Media Center


First photo: National Champion Constable Scott Gosnell and Waikato native Apex.

Second photo: Police trophy winners are Police Officer Scott Gosnell and Waikato’s Apex Officer (middle) with Sr. Constable Chris Harris and Floyd (Tamaki Makaulau), left, drug detector winner Constable Aaron Sr. Noor (Tasman), right, who won the tracking contest. National Police Dog / Detector Dog Championships Top Dog Breeds Determined

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