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At the rear, a large double wing groove spoiler that enhances downforce adds spice to the rear view. It also incorporates a third triangular brake light, as is common on the N model.

According to today’s release, the large N dual exhaust muffler fully expresses the high performance spirit.

The red accents on the exclusive alloy wheels and side sills are the exclusive Exterior N signature. Within the cabin, N specific details affect the steering wheel, shift knobs, sports seats and pedals.

The new 10-inch infotainment and digital cluster system with digitized elements provides a driving experience as if you were playing a game. The new “N-mode design” provides information such as lap times and N-track maps, and the N-button can be customized to switch between frequently used drive modes.

Like the i30 N DCT car, the Kona N transmission has high performance features such as N power shift (NPS), N green shift (NGS) and N track sense shift (NTS). In the “grin” setting, the powertrain can potentially reach up to 213kW.

The car is front-wheel drive, but with an electronically controlled limited slip differential, emphasizing what the brand calls a “corner carving feel.” The differential is said to be specially tuned to “provide sufficient traction and drive with confidence in any road condition.”

Braking “strengthened the prefill braking logic and increased confidence on the road. The high friction material of the brake pads and the large front and rear discs help maximize thermal durability.”

The Hyundai NZ has another N model to add, and the i20N is coming soon, drawing styling clues from the World Rally Championship cars that Kiwi Hayden Paddon has raced for several seasons.

N Power x 2 — Motoringnz

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