Mysterious brain injury of Cuban diplomats suspected to be caused by microwaves

The Scientific Committee concluded that the mysterious symptoms that Cuban and Chinese diplomats were suffering from were probably caused by microwave energy. After a year and a half was spent studying an unexplained case.

US and Canadian diplomats began experiencing strange neurological conditions (severe headaches, dizziness, visual impairment) in late 2016 while stationed in Havana.

Cuban officials have always vehemently denied anything to do with what was originally called an “attack,” affecting as many as 40 people. In fact, during the Obama administration, it was strange when he was most involved with Cuba in decades.

Allegations fell on Russian agents, but there was no evidence.

A new report from the Washington, DC-based National Academy of Sciences does not conclude that there was any kind of weapon used. But that raises the possibility.

Dr. David Lerman, a professor of medicine, microbiology, and immunology at Stanford University, and Julie Publin, a physician who heads the Global Health Division at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, have never been recorded. I found that.

Asked to investigate in April 2019, they discovered a “grave concern” issue in international affairs.

“The Commission felt that many of the characteristic and acute signs, symptoms, and observations reported by (government) employees were consistent with the effects of directional pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy. “I wrote in a report obtained by NBC News.

“Studies published in the literature published by Western and Soviet sources more than half a century ago and decades afterwards provide contextual support for this possible mechanism.”

They emphasized that there were many unanswered questions, but said, “Simply considering such a scenario, a disinhibited malicious actor, as if the U.S. government was not overwhelmed. And there are serious concerns about the world with new tools for harming others. There are already naturally occurring threats. ”

The mysterious case continued even after it was first reported four years ago.

Last year, CIA executives in Europe and Asia reported a number of new incidents, including Marc Polymeropoulos, who retired last year after a long career as a case officer.

He told NBC News that he was still suffering from the effects of what he believed was a brain injury he suffered during his trip to Moscow.

Sources familiar with the matter, using mobile phone location data, told NBC News that the Russian intelligence agency working on the microwave weapons program was wondering CIA officials. At the same time as suffering from various symptoms, it was judged that he was in the same city.

CIA officials consider it a promising lead but not conclusive evidence.

A study by the National Academy of Sciences examined four possibilities to explain symptoms: infections, chemicals, psychological factors, and microwave energy.

“Overall, directional pulsed RF energy seems to be the most reasonable mechanism to explain these cases among the cases considered by the Commission,” the author writes.

“The Commission cannot rule out other possible mechanisms and believes that multiple factors are likely to explain the difference between some cases and others.”

Electromagnetic energy, including frequencies such as radio and microwaves, has been considered a major possibility since the early days of the mystery.

Researchers also considered early on the possible involvement of sound waves, toxins, or other mechanisms, but found no evidence to support these theories.

Over the years, the FBI, CIA, the US military, the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have investigated the case.

Some of the affected employees were able to resolve these symptoms and eventually return to a relatively normal life.

For others, the impact is protracted and poses a continuous and serious obstacle to their work and well-being.

U.S. intelligence investigating the case believed Russia was the main suspect, based on interviews with three U.S. officials who spoke to NBC and two others who were briefed on the investigation. It was.

Some outside health professionals not involved in the study speculate that the workers were simply suffering from mass hysteria.

However, doctors who evaluated patients at the University of Pennsylvania found visible changes in their brains. This seems to exclude mass hysteria. Those examined had less white matter and connectivity in the areas of visual and auditory control than similar healthy individuals.

The report recommends that the State Department establish a response mechanism for similar cases so that new cases can be investigated more quickly and effectively.

Mysterious brain injury of Cuban diplomats suspected to be caused by microwaves

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