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For some time, I kept trying to eat lighter fast food options, such as choosing grilled chicken over fried chicken and preparing grocery meals. My blood sugar level remains high.. I started to worry that it might not be stable, so I decided to focus on what I could control.

It started with making a meal for myself at home. My family is Jamaican and loves rice, oxtails and stews. A registered dietitian I met shortly after the diagnosis said that these foods were rarely eaten or not eaten at all. explanation? They are traditionally “unhealthy” because they are high in carbohydrates, salts and saturated fats. I didn’t feel the limitation because I was really disappointed to hear “This is definitely not available” instead of being taught how to enjoy it in another way.

I wanted to be more careful when eating without completely losing my favorite food. So I started wearing a blood glucose monitor to keep my blood glucose measured. This was a complete game changer. This allowed us to know which foods raised blood sugar levels rapidly and remained high throughout the day.

Using this data, I found a way to change the food I can rely on. We paid more attention to the size of the pasta and rice so that we could enjoy our favorite meals in moderation. I have educated myself about foods that people with type 2 diabetes should generally aim to eat more, such as many vegetables. Broccoli, fresh green beans and Brussels sprouts slowly became a staple of my dishes.

Keeping things fast and simple was still really important to me, so I decided to give Meal preparation When I tried it, I found it to be almost as convenient as doing fast food or takeaway. After I went to the grocery store, I spent one day every week sorting, carving, and cooking food, so I prepared a week’s worth of food in the refrigerator. My current husband also made changes with me. Our motto was to “eat the rainbow” in color to ensure that a variety of nutritious foods were incorporated into the plan.

So my attitude towards cooking began to change: I stopped seeing it as a chore and used it as a time to relax with my husband. After trying different dishes like pizza, making meals became even more fun. I didn’t want to completely eliminate it from my diet, so I tried different types of crusts made from cauliflower and chicken. I sometimes used low-fat partially defatted cheese instead of full-fat cheese. We also added vegetables such as spinach, artichokes and tomatoes to enhance the fiber and flavor of the pizza. After that, I moved on to family recipes, but when my husband and I searched Pinterest for exciting ideas, cooking evolved.

When I shared a new dish I made on Facebook, I didn’t have enough friends and family. Finally, a friend suggested starting a blog where you can track what you’ve created and easily share links with interested people.At that time Every Hungry Woman Born — and it finally became my full-time job!

When I saw the direct result that my blood sugar level stabilized as I cooked more, I became more confident in cooking. Manage my diabetes well..I have more energy, and everything just feels right.. I now know that sticking to a balanced plan that you create will give you the healthy blood sugar you need. That’s because you don’t have to worry about your body at all. release.

My Journey to Eating Healthy with Type 2 Diabetes | Self

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