MrBeast is making more money than any other YouTube star on the 2021 Rich List

MrBeast surpassed YouTube’s extensive list with amazing numbers (Photo: @mrbeast)

YouTube star MrBeast not only jumped to the top of the 2021 rich list, but also made more money in a year than any other YouTuber.

Don’t look too dirty …

23 years old – Real name Jimmy Donaldson – Earned $ 54 million (£ 39 million) in 2021 According to Forbes.

That’s over $ 9 million (£ 6 million) Jake PaulSecond on the list, it’s a whopping $ 24 million (£ 17 million) more than MrBeast made last year.

It’s also almost double what Ryan Kaji made last year. When he breaks through the extensive list $ 29.5 million (£ 21 million).

MrBeast’s tremendous boost is reportedly gaining more views across YouTuber, while also launching a significant number of business ventures, including MrBeast Burger.

He is also not afraid to try stunts that are brilliantly big, including his actual squid game. 100 million people saw In just 4 days.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s boxing accounts for most of his income (Photo: Getty Images)

The second is the controversial Star Jake, who earned $ 45 million (£ 32 million).

Looking at his boxing career, it’s easy to see where his cash came from. He played in three very popular matches and won all of them.

According to the site, Jake is once again able to make money on YouTube following the dispute between him and his brother Logan, but his boxing career accounts for 90% of his income. ..


Markiplier has had great success over the past year (Photo: Getty Images).

Markiplier – real name Mark Fischbach – is in third place, earning $ 38 million (£ 27 million).

Following the Unnus Annus series, he saw a ton of merchandise sales and then worked on various television shows.

Rhett and link

Rhett and Link created their mythical brand into an empire (Photo: Getty Images)

Fourth is the Good Mythical Morning Duo, Rhett and Link, which costs $ 30 million (£ 21 million).

They built an impressive empire under the Mythical brand and introduced various spin-offs throughout the year. And it definitely seems to be on track.

I can’t express it in words

The only newcomer to the list, Unspeakable – real name Nathan Johnson Graham – has swept the world of Minecraft and earned $ 28.5 million (£ 18 million).

He has posted consistently for the past 10 years, but last year he sold his video catalog to Spotter. This may explain the sudden and significant increase.

Complete YouTube Rich List 2021

MrBeast – $ 54 million (£ 39 million)

Jake Paul – $ 45 Million (Pound 32 Million)

Markiplier – $ 38 million (£ 27 million)

Rhett and Link – $ 30 Million (Pound 21 Million)

Indescribable – $ 28.5m (£ 20m)

Nastya – $ 28 million (£ 20 million)

Ryan Kaji – $ 27 million (£ 20 million)

Dude Perfect – $ 20 Million (Pound 14 Million)

Logan Paul – $ 18 million (£ 13 million)

Preston Arsemant – $ 16 million (£ 12 million)

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MrBeast is making more money than any other YouTube star on the 2021 Rich List

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